2010539931-1I’ve had frustrations writing this post. I found my two blog accounts hacked and so I had to create this one. That’s why I’ve had to write in the middle of the night. I hope I have all the security measures against hacking now.

Yes! So there is this day my auntie tells me we go visiting her friend after church. Part of me wanted to go home so badly, and catch up with some sleep deficits. The other part didn’t want to go and be home alone. Somehow I obeyed the part that didn’t want to be lonely. So we went.

Our visit was so very casual. But it turned out to be beneficial to me. At first the conversations flowed just like they would flow for any bunch of females gathered. Hair, fashion; relationships,…etc. But this talk on relationships was awesome. I smiled all along as these two women narrated their experiences before marriage. Guess what? Their husbands were their first boyfriends.

From the whole relationships talk I picked a few points that were key. First, they made a decision not to give their hearts away recklessly not because of how unexposed, ugly or unattractive they were, but because they were driven by the desire to please God. They kept their hearts sealed for the husbands of their youth. They overcame their emotions and people’s discrimination and emerged victorious.

As they spoke I was just thinking; why is it that it’s so hard for us to wait? Who said that for us to love our husbands properly we must have loved other people and gotten the experience? My auntie and her friend aren’t old women of the 20th century. They are young and they made it.

I also thought about their husbands. Imagine your wife telling you they kept themselves for years just for you? It is a joy, I believe. And most importantly the choice to honor God with purity, physical and emotional.

Most of us have jumped from one relationship to another as their emotions pleased. But it’s so possible to recollect ourselves again, and chose to honor God with physical and emotional purity. Thank God for grace!

We can choose emotional integrity other than irresponsibly engaging in relationships or situationships that only leave us and the people involved hurting. We can choose to do that which is not popular. All for God’s glory.