4LAEdoqvWe young people get caught up in the marriage craze. People are getting married just like that. In fact when a friend asks you, “Did you know so and so?” The most likely answer you are going to get is that ‘so and so’ got married. Our conversations are hardly over before the marriage topic crops up. But is it something we’ve seriously given a thought? Do we have reasons why we are getting married or it’s just because we’ve become of age or are in love?

My observation is that marriages where people get married for the wrong reasons don’t last. The couples ‘get bored’ at each other and soon start fighting or contemplating on divorce as a choice and making everyone believe marriage is the worst tragedy that ever befell human beings. Am a firm believer of workability in marriage. But why do we young people really fancy the day we’ll marry? I asked some of my friends this question and these were their responses;

Hellen Iregi- To fulfill God’s will for my life.To get a companion whom we can grow together with in all areas of life.

Alice Waithera- Because God authorized marriage. For companionship and to bear offspring.

Jane Karengo- To have someone we can spur one another in godliness as we serve God’s purposes and as we build each other, and to raise godly offspring.

Jerusha- For companionship, to raise up kids,and for growth.

Fridah Kathomi- To complement one another, to obey God’s will (He will have shown the man), to avoid sin of immorality and to raise godly offspring.

Jemimah Kiteme- For companionship and continuity of the next generation.

Elizabeth Waithera- Marriage is godly and biblical. For companionship also.

My married friend Mercy Kambura also had a vital reason she married and is still married. For companionship! The reason she had to move with her hubby to Coast when he got a job.;-) The reason she’s not going to leave her hubby.

My single friends had a hard time thinking of the reasons. I think the question took them aback. But one thing keeps coming up. Companionship! Adam and Eve were put together for this purpose. Hence there is no choice in marriage. It is either you stick to each other or you stick to each other. With this in mind folks should be more careful when choosing a partner.

Don’t marry because your parents put so much pressure on you. Or because your heart has fallen flat for a man. Marry with a reason. Marry because the Lord led you. Yes, because their is a purpose He wants both of you to fulfill. Raising godly offspring among the purposes. And for companionship too, to improve and complement each other!

And watch out that you don’t get carried away by the marriage craze and end up messing up your life. Marry God’s person at His timing, in His way and for the right reasons. That way you are gonna enjoy it.

I beg to stop there. Am no marriage counselor. But those I shared were my thoughts.