imagesMany thoughts flap in her mind like a bird that is trapped and is trying to escape. At some point she suffers a head ache. No one would understand her thoughts. So she would rather keep them to herself.

“Who will marry me? For how long do I have to wait? Who stands at a better chance among my male friends? Do I continue waiting or do I accept the proposal I got last week? ” These questions are top in her thoughts. An uncertainty of the future and whom to spend it with.

Long before her mind settles she gets insecure of her fate in life. She wants to live a good rich life, lacking nothing. Her current petty financial issues suck. She wishes to get over them by acquiring lots of wealth. Fame and popularity would be a spice to this life. The she remembers about a sermon on ‘laying your treasures in heaven’. Oops!  Am I thinking of laying treasures on this earth?

She finds her education a security. But recently she has had a growing dislike of the education system she is in. She wouldn’t mind something like a scholarship to those renown universities she hears about in abroad. Quite ambitious!

Then creeps in the thoughts of her current state. She stares in her room and sees her wardrobe. It’s no longer fashionable. ” I wish I had the cash to re-do it.” Oh! And her phone. “I wish I would stop pressing and start touching!” Her hair also needs a makeover. There’s no shilling left in her purse. “Where on earth am I supposed to get cash from?”, she thinks aloud.

Then her phone rings. The call is like a wake up call. That’s when she realizes she has been thinking for 3 hours. Now she gets angry at herself. “Why have I wasted my energy in things I can’t change? And why am I so insecure? Haven’t I surrendered my life to Jesus?”

She wakes up, makes her bed and tidies up her room. “No, I refuse to be weighed down by thoughts. God I give you my life. It’s in your hands. Do with it as you please. Be still my soul and know He is God.” Yes, she makes a decision to leave it all to God.