Have you had those moments when you have a had a meeting or an event that involved people you feel are of a higher status than you? Probably you borrowed clothes or shoes you wore in-order to fit in, like those high school kids do when going for funkies. Or may be you have had a social class you’ve had a social class that you’ve had to maintain even after you know too well that you can’t finance it.

Living a lie is one of the things that can really imprison someone. You live in a prison that you put yourself into, where you are controlled and have no stand of your own. Then you have to protect your real identity to prevent people from knowing the truth behind the person that they imagine you to be.

Living a lie/ not being yourself ranges from mass thinking, not having a stand of your own to hiding information about yourself. Like recently I discovered that I wasn’t thinking for myself. My three classmates and I have to ask ourselves after a class, “Where do now go?” We go to the library together, when one of us doesn’t ‘feel like’ going then we stop going. In short we had mass thinking that I discovered was making me retrogress and so I had to break away.

I’ve also met people who will literary live a lie. The person will live an expensive life that they can’t manage to fund and end up accumulating huge debts. Till then will people discover that all those nice suits and phone were a lie. Probably all of us met these high school characters who made everyone believe they were the richest in their villages but they never missed in the list of those being sent home for fees.  It’s a sad case.

Living a lie deters you from living the life God ordained for you. You will never realize your passions and your calling until you break away. Until then you will live a performance. You perform and everyone is impressed but when they leave you are left guilty, disturbed and you fear being discovered.

Many think they are protecting their identity by not letting people know whom they are. Like when I was in high school and in leadership. I struggled with some sins but I couldn’t admit since I didn’t want to tarnish my  name as a C.U chair. So I lived a lie and made everyone believe I was perfect. I thank God for discipleship that helped me see the light. Therefore you have to relinquish that good name you think you have to maintain and let Christ define your identity. Courageously step out and face your fears. Present yourself as you are, for even Jesus calls us just as we are.

There’s a song done by Casting Crowns that was of ministry concern. Have a look at the lyrics as you even evaluate yourself.

…..Are we happy plastic people, under shiny plastic steeples

with walls around our weakness, and smiles to hide our pain.

but if the invitation’s open, to every heart that has been broken

may be then we close the curtain, on a stained glass masquerade…..