Almost every lady in waiting has those moments of confusions especially because of matters relationships. Times when you are so much in love with the wrong person, or those you aren’t sure the person you love is the right one for you. Other times when you feel ready for a relationship but no guy is showing up. There are also times of pressure when you realize your close friends are starting to ‘settle’ and Mr prince charming has not yet arrived.

During these moments thoughts take the better part of us girls. We live with anxieties. We become so conscious of how we carry out ourselves because we think a certain dude could be secretly watching and just might get impressed. We therefore bring out the very best of ourselves.

A must read for every lady in waiting!

But this is a dangerous moment and its easy to mess up because of how our hearts are vulnerable. At this time its possible to get into a wrong relationship for wrong reasons if we are not watchful.

A while a go I studied a book called ”lady in waiting” and I learnt several things that are helpful to every lady in waiting especially during these moments of crisis. I’ve also been attending a discipleship program on relationships and marriage and I wish to share with you a few points on what to do in these moments as the book states and the program teaches:

  1. Seek God. Your heart has probably lost focus on God, that’s why you are consumed with the desire to be loved and to have a man in your life. The reason you are confused about a a certain guy whom you love and know too well that he does not fit into God’s will and His plan for your life is because may be pleasing God is not your number one interest. So get back to God.
  2. Find fulfillment, completeness and satisfaction in Christ’s love. It is deception to think that when your man shows up you’ll start feeling complete. There is a void in the human hearts that only Christ can fill. Believing that you’ll feel complete when Mr right comes is simply expecting too much from him.
  3. Get busy. Rather than wasting precious moments fantasizing about an earthly lover, take advantage of your free hours by serving God. Don’t spend hours mourning because you don’t have a date the following weekend. Get busy. Do charity work. Read books. Get younger girls to mentor. Redeem your time for the days are evil!
  4. Embrace single hood as a gift and hence enjoy it while it lasts. It is a package that contains opportunities to serve God and only limited by our own self-pity and lack of obedience. If the Lord grants you the chance you’ll be married for the largest part of your life. The married will tell you that marriage is a privilege that comes along with many responsibilities and therefore there are things a single lady will do but a married one cant.
  5. Guard your heart. The heart is deceitful above everything else. Guard it, for out of it flows the issues of life. Take practical steps like ensuring there is no favorite guy in your heart whom you’ll always share with and spend time together with. He will easily find his way to your heart. Treat all guys the same, like brothers in Christ.

Getting rooted and built up in Christ is a prerequisite of becoming a godly woman. Let this be our desire and ultimate goal. May we be consumed by the desire to honor God, so that these petty issues will stop giving us sleepless nights. Invest in becoming God’s best as you wait for Mr right.