Jedidah’s son assumed leadership as soon as his father died. Leadership was aristocratic and therefore the position of kingship was rightfully his. I believe the elders in the community had approved of him and probably helped him rule. It’s hard to imagine that a 8 year old would be entrusted with leadership as a king of a whole nation!

One day on the 18th year of his reign he delegated the secretary to go up to the temple and have the priest get ready the money collected by the doorkeepers, and entrust it to the supervisors at the temple so that they could pay the laborers their wages. Probably he sat on a big king’s chair and swung in it as he gave the instructions to the secretary, and was surrounded by many servants who were available at his beck and call.

When the secretary got to the temple he was greeted with news by the priest, “I have found the book of the law in the house of the Lord.” He got hold of the book and went to inform the king about it, alongside informing him on the response of the instructions he had been given when going to the temple. He read the book to the king aloud. When the king who was now a 26 year old heard what was written in the book, he tore his robes. He couldn’t contain it. His heart was grieved and was filled with disbelief. I imagine this book was like a constitution. It had lied in the temple for long. It contained the instructions by which people were supposed to live by. But no one knew about it. Not even the king knew it, even after ruling for 18 years.

The king made swift decisions concerning the book. He formed a commission of inquiry made up of the officials and told them to go inquire of their God on behalf of the people. He knew God must have been very angry with them. They had not followed even a single of the instructions written there, neither had their fathers done so. And as sure as the king was, God was going to punish them as it was written in the book.

Josiah the king sent for all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem. They went up to the house of God with all the inhabitants of the land. The book of law was read aloud in the hearing of everyone. He led the people in renewing the covenant with God. He ordered the removal of all the articles made for other gods and all them were burnt, did away with all the Baal and Ashe-rah prophets and destroyed all the alters that had been erected for other gods.He led the people in a national repentance and radically did away with everything that didn’t belong to the God of heaven, the one true God.

This is the story of king Josiah as recorded in 2 Kings chapter 22 and 23. Their fore fathers had failed in teaching them God’s word, His statues and laws. He didn’t blame it on them but when he learnt the truth he took responsibility and did away with everything that would be a hindrance to following the truth.

What if we had a generation of young people who were radicle like young king Josiah? Probably the rate of immorality would not be so high, or there would be no corruption in Kenya, or even cheating in exams. There would be a whole generation of people who uphold the truth and integrity. There would be hope for the next generation, that atleast some guys will pass on biblical truths to them. There would be no thin line between what is worldly and what is godly. We would see young people taking up positions at family level, and may be we would not have many divorces or irresponsible and non-functional parents.

And what if we became deliberate? What if we stopped thinking Christianity is for some old miserable folks? What if we refused to buy the lie from the devil that there’s no God? What if we let the bible define truth for us? What if we stopped thinking our education, careers and any other interests we have were more important? What if we got out of our comfort zones and did great things for God? What if the questions am asking stopped being only questions but a reality. Then we would achieve a lot. We would bring glory to God. We would see the change we desire. We would be a whole nation of people who fear God.

King Josiah is surely a young person to be emulated! He was one but we are many. Why don’t we take up the challenge?