Getting out of my comfort zone as a christian has been one of the hardest thing. Humanly speaking I’ve though God has way too lofty expectations for me.

If asked I would like to live in my comfort zone. I would have my life all structured. I would avoid any hard task like having to lead people, going for missions in unknown places away from any human comfort and taking up risky tasks. I would be comfortable with being just a christian who reads God’s word and only applies the portions that are pleasing and don’t need a lot of going out of my way. I would let the business of salvation be His alone. (He can do it without involving me) I would be comfortable with just attending church, sitting and letting someone usher me, lead me in worship and preach to me. My life would be just about me.

But then I realize something, I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who liveth, but Christ in me. I’ve got no will of my own. I do not belong to myself. Neither does anything I have. I exist not for myself, but for God’s glory.

I was a C.U leader in high school. I loved it. I did it out of a willing heart. But after high school I hated it. I thought it was too much a bother. Sacrificing my time to go cater for the welfare of a grateful and ungrateful lot all put together, being answerable for their sins which would be equated to mine, carrying their burdens (some members thought I was their savior), being asked to interpret dreams (some of them did not even make sense), praying for people who thought God only hears my prayers and having to answer any question that was related to Christianity in class (as if I knew it all) was in the most simple terms too much for a high school-er. I thought they made me behave as a pastor.

So I made a decision, I was done with leadership. I wanted to live a life without many interruptions. Then my 2nd year came and the unexpected happened, I was chosen a leader. That’s this semester.  I thought God was not serious. I mean, I had not stood during the nominations day. All along I had thought me and Him were done with this whole thing. I felt like He had taken me for a ride. Yet deep within me I knew I would be rebelling if I refused to take up the position.

I was so insecure. I dreaded the everlasting executive board meetings. I thought I would have have to sacrifice too much.I confirm my fears. They are true to date. I loved the comfort of not involving myself with too many affairs. I loved my flexibility (I was available for anything that my heart inclined itself to do). But now am very bound. I have a task entrusted to me. I must be found faithful.

I therefore live by surrendering. Everyday I have to tell my heart, “Not my will but God’s will.” I have to daily beat my body. I keep on reminding myself that I exist for God’s glory. I have to keep on reminding my heart to be led of God. Everyday I have to step out of my comfort zone. I must seek God’s will. I must follow where He leads. I must go till He comes and work till He stops me. I will march on with a courageous heart. I have to get out of my comfort zone!