mary's blogLove talk is inevitably a topic of discussion among young people of my age. Experiences of the new catch, the one being eyed or the one who’s just dropped a C.V take up the better part of these conversations. This age and time can be an interesting experience or hazardous time depending on how parties involved handle it.

Being a lady I know what exactly happens in the ladies’ minds, thanks to my experiences and those of my girlfriends. That’s why I wanna give the men a sneak-peek into the ladies’ thoughts depending on how you treat them. I’ll give you this information for free 🙂 Sit back as I ‘steal some secrets’ for you:

1. Don’t hang around without saying anything:

This will be the worst thing to do. Every time in class you are around her. You accompany her to the room, do meals together and ‘make sure she’s not lonely’. This will make the lady interpret that you are interested with her. She’ll keep waiting for you to pop the question. Then one day you inform her you are seeing someone! You’ll have terribly crushed the girl’s heart after putting all her hopes in you.

2. Don’t give her special attention.

Acts like opening the door for her, pulling the chair for her to seat, making sure she’s gotten her tea during tea breaks in the office and regularly buying her gifts are way too gracious acts of kindness. Imagine she’ll think you are interested with her! Then one day you serve another lady with tea. She’ll not speak to you that whole day. She’ll think you are playing around with her emotions. Or when she asks you what you mean by your kindness then you defend yourself and say you don’t mean anything. So please spare her the agony! So let your acts of kindness be less gracious.

3. Don’t confess your love without stating your intentions.

If you just tell a girl you love her she’ll pretend she didn’t hear even if she loves you back. Then you’ll stay waiting for an answer to a question you never asked in the first place. She’ll probably say yes to another man who’ll ask her out in an objective way and you’ll be left with hard feelings towards her. You’ll think she took you for granted, yet its you who wasted yourself.

4. Don’t nag a girl to take you for a relationship with you

You and I know friction produces heat which can be harmful. Nagging is like friction. It will make the girl hate you. She’ll go discuss it with her girlfriends and they’ll start having attitudes towards you. Please spare them the sin of hatred!

I’ll be back to ‘steal more secrets’ for you after I collect more information about us (girls). Meanwhile practice what I’ve told you. Otherwise you’ll get frustrated and end up blaming girls.