Pit falls of a leader
Pit falls of leaders

Leadership is one interesting thing. Christ requires that His flock have a shepherd and so He will always raise leaders to shepherd the sheep. That is proven all through in the Bible. Leadership is just inevitable.

However leadership is quite an experience for those involved. The roles could easily crush you down. The expectations from people are quite a mountain. If the leader is not careful it is easy to fall even as he tries to lead others. I’ve been a leader in the christian union for some time. I’ve seen that which can almost knock them down without anyone really noticing. I’ve also observed and heard the experiences of other leaders and I’ve conclusively noted key things that could squarely bring down the leader into falling with a thud. I’ll be generous enough to share with you. 🙂 Keep reading!

1. Pride.

This is arguably the pit fall that many leaders are vulnerable to. It’s just so close to their paths! You’ve now gotten into leadership and you are in charge of a multitude of people. Then they start referring to you with titles like ‘dad’ and ‘mum’. It’s easy to think that you got the position because you were the best and therefore lord over your subjects. We’ve seen leaders become puffed up and superior than anyone else. Pride just consumes them to a point of changing their walking style and the way they talk. (Am serious. I’ve seen it happen) Saul in his kingship days got puffed up with pride and instead of waiting for prophet Samuel to offer the sacrifice he did it himself. What followed is his fall and God rejected him as king. As the old adage goes, pride comes before a fall!

2. Busyness syndrome

In the Christian Union and churches there are always activities that are in the program. Too many of them demanding the attention of the people in charge. If not careful these people in charge end up giving themselves and forgetting their inner selves. They end up becoming empty and lifeless in their hearts, yet appearing very committed to God’s work. That is how comes they end up falling. Because they have not been cultivating their personal walk with God. They have not been sitting down to seek council from God. They have not allowed themselves to depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit. They get drained up physically, emotionally and spiritually. When they speak they make noise. They are like resounding gongs. That marks the beginning of their fall!

3. The pharisees’ attitude

More often than not leaders will sit to discuss misconduct of their members and solve cases. Most of these moments they’ll have an attitude like that of the pharisee. They’ll think a member who’s blundered in a relationship and gotten pregnant is the worst sinner yet they’ll get involved in small hidden sins that could eventually lead to a down fall like getting pregnant. (This doesn’t mean I support sin) In my high school days I still remember how we as the C.U leaders had a cocoon of our own. One would think we lived in heaven and occasionally visited the earth. This drifted members away from us. They thought we wouldn’t identify with them. The same attitude was with the pharisees as they accused Jesus of dining with sinners. They thought sinners were to be avoided by all means! Clearly, if we are to be effective leaders we must change our attitude even to sinners. We must love them and view them as people who are need of a Savior!

4. The know-it-all attitude

Apparently leaders know everything. I mean, they do! That’s why they’ll want things done their own way because they think it’s the only way after all! They know the whole bible and will answer all the questions asked by a preacher. They’ll comment on every subject of discussion and emphasis on the validity of their argument. They know everything! What they don’t know is that they are denying other people a chance of participating. They end up intimidating talents and gifts and therefore losing some people. It’s also easy for people to form attitudes towards them and retreat whenever they take up something.

Having said this I would challenge leaders to emulate the example of Jesus. Descending from the heavenly places to the earth and taking a bodily form yet He was God. Walking humbly and accepting death even on a cross. He was God and so He knew everything. Yet He didn’t go lording it over people. He considered other people better than Himself. He was a servant leader! He told the disciples that although the leaders of the Gentiles lorded it over them, it was not to be so with them. Whoever wants to be great must be a servant! The same is required of leaders today. They have to continuously focus on the cross and walk through the cavalry road if they are to have an effective leadership. We have to know that Jesus has called us to Himself first, then to the people we serve. May these truths dawn heavily on us!