2010539931-1So now kids have been an option of having condoms! Am still coming to terms with this. I still remember myself in primary and high school days. How innocent I was. We never used to sit near boys. I thought even hugging was evil. Then someone gives me an option of using condoms just in case I would like to misbehave. You might tell me that in my days immorality wasn’t rampant. Well, that is true though am not old. But is there something else that can be done to save the situation apart from giving kids a license for being immoral?

Sexual immorality is no longer uncommon among the believers. After all the nasty consequences that we all feared have been given a remedy. Ladies can now use morning after pills or use injections to prevent them from conceiving. Condoms are given by the government free of charge! Every time I walk to the washrooms in school I find condom dispensers. Therefore having sex isn’t really a big deal now. Some have gone further to justify themselves that it is ok if you maintain one partner. God will understand!

Am deeply grieved that these are the times we live in. That condoms are no longer mentioned in whispers leave alone being used. But am deeply convinced that it is still very possible  to raise a generation who will know not sin. One that will remain pure and will Honor God. For that to happen you and I have to stand our grounds. We have to rise up and say, “The world is doing it but I will honor God.” The future generation depends on our faithfulness to God. So why really should we remain pure amidst the current trends in place?

1. Our God is holy and requires us to be holy.

If you lack any reason to remain holy, stand by this one. The standards of holiness by God are quite high. He says there should not even be a hint of sin amongst His people. (Ephesians 5:8) He warns us against fornication, adultery and other sexual sins. In-fact He tells us to flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness along with those who call on God out of a pure heart. (1 Timothy 2:22) We have to obey these commands by God. Yes, our God is holy and requires us to be holy!

2. Our purity is a powerful witnessing tool.

As a christian you purity walk speaks volumes to the unbelievers. You are from a different kingdom and so you ought to appear different. God’s word tells us to let our light shine before others so that men may see our good deeds and glorify our father in heaven. (Mathew 5:16) Some people will not come to Christ if they observe that you are no different from them. They’ll have no reason to come to God. Therefore it is important we maintain a clean testimony for the sake of advancing the gospel of Jesus.

3. Remaining pure is for your own good.

The bible records that all the other sins are committed outside the body but whoever sins sexually sins against their own body. (1 Corinthians 6:18) We are aware of consequences like diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The emotional damage that happens is far much beyond explanation. You lose your innocence towards sin. You soul is bound to another soul which should only happen in marriage. God warns us against sexual immorality because He has our interest at heart. He cares so much and wants to protect us. So please abstain for your own sake!

Sexual purity goes a long way to include emotional purity and mental purity. It is therefore a call to guard our hearts and minds. The mind is the battle field of sin. This is as a result of our input. We therefore need to be alert. Like Joseph we need to flee sexual sin. The psalmist also talks about not setting vile things before our eyes. The walk of purity is possible and workable. We ought to be deliberate and shun all evils. We ought to stand out even when the world distorts godly standards. We are called to be different! Are you willing to step out and be different?