body+is+a+templeAs I read through the story of David in 2 Samuel 11 and that of Amnon and Tamar in 2 Samuel 13 I was deeply convicted of the damage sexual sin will cause, that could also affect parties that weren’t involved. Just like a lie is known to birth another lie in order to sustain itself so does sexual sin birth other sins to cover up for itself.

In 2 Samuel 11 scripture records the story of David and Bathsheba. It was during spring and the kings were going for war but David just sent Joab and decided to remain behind. Then one evening he decided to take a walk around the roof of the palace. While he was there he saw a woman bathing and sent for her. She came and David committed sexual sin with her. But the worst happened. She conceived. David had to craft a way of covering up the mess. At this point I must admit David really thought fast. He sent for Uriah and appeared to be concerned of him as he asked the progress of the war. Then out of this “concern” asked him to go to his house and sent a gift after him. But he was in for a rude shock as the plan backfired. Uriah decided to sleep at the palace entrance with his masters’ servants. Such a loyal guy! The following day he tried to make him drank so that he would go sleep with his wife. But Uriah must have been a stubborn guy. He slept on a mat with the master’s servants. So David got more witty. He invented a fierce plan that would see Uriah dead. He told Joab to assign him the front line where the battle was the fiercest. As sure as you can be, Uriah went down by the sword. And so David took Bathsheba who bore him a son. But scripture records what David had displeased God.

The story of David is closely followed by that of his son Amnon in 2 Samuel 13. Amnon fell in love with his sister Tamar. For a long time I wondered whether it is possible to get ill by love and this story confirmed that it’s possible, but only out of pretense. This guy got so obsessed with Tamar that he made himself ill. Then he did a mistake, he sought advice from Jonadab who is recorded to have been a very shrewd man. Again a malicious plot was crafted. He pretended to be ill and when his father came to check on him he said he’d love to be cooked for by Tamar. This chic came and diligently did her thing. Then after the bread was ready Amnon requested that everyone be sent out. He then insisted to be given the bread from bed. At this point he grabbed Tamar and told her to go to bed with her. But Tamar resisted and even told him it would be a disgraceful act. She further negotiated that if Amnon told David he wanted her he’d be allowed to marry her. But he must have been a heartless man! He overpowered her and raped her. There after in the following chapters we see Tamar’s brother carrying on the bitterness and pursuing Amnon to kill him because of the disgraceful act he had done to his sister.

The progression of these two stories just show how the consequences of sexual sin will spread to innocent people. Uriah was innocent yet killed. Tamar’s brother got so bitter with Amnon and committed the sin of murder. This made me take a look at my close circles and I confirmed it to be true- sexual sin will always birth other sins. There will be lies involved to cover up. Innocent people will suffer as if they got involved in the sin. The devil will seek to glory himself in this kind of a mess. Believers will stumble and the devil will be all smiles.

Therefore this is a crucial area. Whereas holiness should be reflected in every area of our lives, some good percentage depends on our sexual purity. We therefore need to guard our hearts and minds against it. We need to flee lustful desires. We need to establish standards of purity that are pleasing to God and live by them. Finally, we need to learn. Learn what the Bible says about the whole thing. The truth of scripture that we were do not belong to ourselves, but were bought at a price. Learn from other people’s mistakes. Learn from your past mistakes. Let us hold each others hands and support each other in this very area! As sure as you can be, we will overcome.