ruiru campusSo when i was joining school I thought schooling in main campus is cool. How can I go to a satellite campus? Then what will I be telling people? That I study in Kenyatta University Ruiru Campus? So my mind was clear. I was going to go to this university that’s so appealing to Thika road passers by. And so I went.

All along I had purposed to join the christian union. I went to SZ 39 and I felt so impressed. This was so different from high school. The students would do everything for themselves except preach. The music was awesome. (Music just has a way of making me tick) I was filled with joy in my heart. “This is just the place to be”, I thought.

But then in my 2nd semester of 1st year the Romance 101 (a discipleship program on relationships and marriage) program started in Ruiru Campus. My friends had really praised this program and so I thought it would help me a great deal. It was being facilitated by my mentors so this gave me more reasons to attend. What I didn’t know is that I was going be lured into this fellowship.

Ruiru Campus C.U fellowship is just so warm. You join them and in a month’s time everyone knows you. There is real brotherhood in this place. I mean, you’ll blend in unless you are the problem. I fully joined them and bonded with them and now its as if I’ve known them for years.

These guys will keep track of everyone’s birthday. Birthday updates spread like bush fire.  Woe to those whose birthdays are on Fridays after our night fellowships. You are taken to the tap and washed properly. And if yours is on any other day you are not lucky either. You’ll still be ‘washed’ from your place. They’ll then sing you happy birthday songs and have fun with you. I’ve heard people confess that they’ve never had such birthdays in all their life.

The random suppers and sleep overs reveal the uniqueness of Ruiru people- they are very radical. They’ll leave an evening fellowship together then an idea strikes one’s mind and you hear them say, “Si we can have supper at my place?” Then they all go to that person’s room. In Ruiru end of semester is celebrated in style. I still remember last semester when we completed our exams and our missions’ coordinator decided to invite people for supper. Then at around 12 midnight someone suggested, “Guys si we can spend here?” And so it was. We spent there talking, catching up and sharing.

It’s only in Ruiru campus you’ll find “nyumba za c.u”. Now, these do not belong to the C.U. They belong to individuals but are open for C.U members. So you’ll hear someone say, “Leo nadoz kwa nyumba yenu ya C.U.” 🙂 You’ll think there’s a fellowship in a certain room yet all the people present visited individually without having agreed. Then certain houses are more advanced than others. There are places where you go for supper and you are assured of eating meat that day. 😉 (Meat is a rare commodity for students)

The good or bad thing about being in Ruiru C.U is that everyone will notice when you miss church or fellowship and therefore you’ll have to account. Then after church on Sunday people will hang around and buy uji and mandazi, not really to eat and get filled but to just be around each other.

We have special crazy people in Ruiru. You know those characters who are everywhere every time? Guys who you’ve never seen serious? The principal of these guys is here (His trademark is a tongue out. He does that in all his photos):


Apart from Hope fm, terms like #teamkubwa and #teamndogo are heard in Ruiru. Team kubwa refers to the tall guys and team ndogo refers to the short guys. These are some of the #teamkubwa guys and one #teamndogo chic.


I would continue praising this fellowship. I found home in Ruiru. I no longer think it’s not cool to say am from Ruiru Campus C.U. I still school in main campus, though. I would transfer to Ruiru if I had the chance. I love main Campus C.U too. They are like our mother church. They are the people who set the pace for us.