two-people-holding-hands-you-are-not-aloneChristianity is very hard, yet very easy. A paradox, right? Hard because we are waging war. War against the flesh that is always in opposition to the Spirit. It also easy because Jesus has already conquered. Therefore we have victory over the sin that so easily entangles. We have victory over the enemy’s temptation. But still we have to strive. We have to work out our salvation everyday. We have to beat our bodies until sin becomes a slave and not a master. We have to strive to become more like Christ.

My experience is that there are moments working out your salvation just doesn’t work. Moments of compromise when you struggle with sin. Those times when you feel there’s no step you are making, it’s as if you are stagnated. Times you feel so far from God. You wallow in your state and feel like God no longer cares.

I write to assure you there is hope. Even then God still reigns. He’s not taken aback by your situation. You need not give up but remain steadfast in Him. I’ve had a fair share of these moments. Just concluded one now as I write. Yet through these experiences I’ve had some take home notes that I desire to share with you, or rather to remind you. Keep reading!

1. Jesus’ love is unconditional. He won’t reduce His love because of your situation. Remember He loved you while you were still a sinner, one not loveable. Just as you are He loves you and desires to walk in fellowship with you. It’s therefore fair that you present yourself to Him just as you are. Put off the masks and allow yourself become vulnerable before Him. Don’t try to clown so that you appear nice in His sight. He can see deep within you. Just let Him sort you out just as you are as you confess the state of your heart.

2. A victorious life against sin is acquired by a daily walk with God. This is cultivated through a consistent devotion time as you spend time hearing His voice from His word. That way you’ll be alert in the Spirit. Like Jesus you’ll overcome the devil’s temptations. Reading portions of scripture will help illuminate your dark heart. They help you see areas that are wanting in your life. They communicate God’s will concerning your life. The Psalmist knew this secret and therefore wrote; I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you.

3. The discipline of prayer. Someone once pointed out that a prayer-less christian is a powerless one. Prayer is an opportunity to commune with God. It is a link between God and human beings. We therefore cannot underestimate the power of prayer. We need to spend lots of time in prayer seeking God’s will and hearing Him speak to our hearts. This way we will be able to discern His will and walk by it.

4. Accountability. For me this means a lot. Accountability with people you share convictions with give you an opportunity for you to get encouragement, edification, rebuking when in the wrong, holding each others hand and keeping close check at each other. The importance of accountability dawned heavily on me today I sat through with a friend. Initially I had felt empty, as if am making no progress in my walk with Christ. I was struggling with letting go some stuff. But at the end of this conversation that took less than 2 hours I felt sorted out. I felt charged out to keep walking on. I felt renewed!

Hebrews 12 reminds us that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and therefore we need to lay down everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. Let us run the race marked out for us with perseverance. Like Paul let us beat our bodies so that we’ll not be disqualified from the race even after preaching to others. (1 Corinthians 9)

A life of holiness is achievable through Christ. He achieved holiness for us so our work is to live it out. Be encouraged in the Lord that the He will see to completion the good work He began in you.