1ce4aa326a2bb71485c2a83bdd7d5395What happens when you are in class sitting for an exam, and you’ve gone through all the questions but you have no answer to any of them? Then people behind or beside you start whispering answers to each other? Humanly speaking you’ll pull your ears longer to hear what the answers are. Then pretend you are busy concentrating. As a christian you’ll think, “Am safe. No one saw me check my neighbor’s paper. So at-least they won’t go rumor mongering that I cheated in exams.” At that moment you’ll oblivious of the fact that God is watching.

And what will happen when you board a matatu that’s charging 50sh, the only cash you have in your pocket (with no hope of getting more soon), then somehow the conductor passes you when he’s collecting fare. Again you’ll think, “God it’s you who hasn’t provided for me. If you had I would gladly part with this 50sh.” Sometimes Christians are good at punishing God, huh!

We live in a world where sin has been excused until it has ceased to be sin. It has also been sugar-coated to sound appealing, as if it’s not sin. Like I heard a bribe is now called ‘motivation fee’. So one will easily bribe in the name of “paying a motivation fee”. The phrase ‘God will understand’ has been used often, which makes me feel like all we are doing is pulling God down to our situations and limiting Him to them.

But when I check through the Bible I see a very consistent nature of God. He has never bent any of His rules to entertain any man’s sin. Like when He told King Saul to go destroy everything that belonged to the Amalekites He meant it. So when Saul didn’t do it, so that he would spare the fat cattle for sacrifice, God didn’t understand. He was punished for it. Same case to Ananias and Sapphira. Despite their commitment to ministry they had to get punished for lying. Times have not changed God’s definition of write and wrong. His consistent nature reveals that time does not make Him change. Therefore it would be wrong to think God forbid adultery and fornication in the times of Paul but in our times His is not as rigid to His rules as He was, therefore He’ll understand.

We strip off the gospel of Jesus power when we bend His rules to excuse our complacency and sinfulness. We make Him a liar, which He is not. We fail to demonstrate His nature to men, which is our calling. We end up drawing men further from Him instead of drawing them closer to Him. That’s why you’ll hear the non-believing folks say, “Am even better than the Christians. At-least I do not pretend like they do.”

So that moment you’ll probably be seated clueless of the answers to the questions in an exam paper remember not to copy. He is watching. Fear God more than you fear for your reproach. And that moment the conductor will forget to collect your fare tap his back and remind him he hasn’t picked your money. Even if you go starve that evening God will still be God. But you’ll have done the right thing and He will give you grace for the moment and even provide according to His will.

Practicing integrity would help a great deal. That attitude of doing everything to please God. That knowledge that He’s watching even in the most secret place. That desire to honor and obey Him. That passion to make Him known among those who’ve not received Christ.

Lets uphold integrity in attitude and character as required by scripture. For with or without modernization the standards of God are the same, and He does not bend His laws to accommodate sin.