10384445_339681419556721_4604581261723960863_nThe last two days have been hard ones, for lack of a better word. Logging into Facebook on Monday morning and seeing people’s updates with a hash tag #ripnjura wasn’t one of the things that set the pace for your week. It was discouraging, painful and disturbing, Every spare second I’ve been thinking about you. Coming to terms with your demise has been like going to the moon on foot.

Am wishing I didn’t have to write about your demise. Something like your birthday, graduation or wedding would have been better. But death, my heart pains!

I still have the memories of when we first met. It was on one of those Wednesday evenings when I would pop in for Romance 101 classes in Ruiru campus. It probably didn’t occur to mind that we would bond some day. But thanks to the C.U leadership that brought us together in November. This saw us become very close friends. You were the closest friend I had in the executive board!

The long talking hours, the sleep over in your room in January and the abrupt visits we would pay each other made us grow fond of each other and really grow in friendship. We would pour out our hearts, rebuke, offer a listening ear to each other and spur one another towards love and good deeds.

I specifically remember the day we went for a social retreat for the executive board members of the K.U campuses. We strolled behind the others as we had this serious talk. I miss how we were just real and open to one another. The afternoon we had games in Commission 2014 is another one. We joined the dudes in their rowdiness and jumpiness and had great fun. The morning we left JKUAT we took this jumpie shot and you went up flying above me, thanks to your flexibility. 10403425_10203433971996433_2331742739415770500_n

Every Sunday service is usually colorful with the Creative Ministry doing a presentation. You’d be at the front center every time and somehow my eyes would be glued at you all the time. To me you did mimes the best.

Tuesday the 7th of this month has been in my mind. I came from sitting for my last paper and you are the first person that I met, as you were going for your last paper. We joked and said, “Today even if our evening meeting goes up to 1:00 a.m. we do not mind. After all we’ll be through with our papers.” Then we met just before the meeting, at the open learning area outside the library in Ruiru campus. We talked! When I say talking I mean it. Then as we left to go for the executive board meeting I said to you, “Surrender everything to God. He will sort you out.” Well, He did sort you out. For there will be no more pain or struggles for you. Yours is an eternal peaceful rest. That evening you said bye to us in the meeting. You were going home the following day early morning. Hardly did we know it was the day we would see you last!

You have left one major challenge to me; being selfless. I still remember this Saturday evening just after completion of Impact week when stood for hours talking, outside the Ladies’ washrooms in Ruiru Campus. In tears you told me you would sacrifice your happiness to make another party comfortable and happy. It hurt but that’s what you were going to do. Christ like character indeed!

I can’t put into words exactly how I’ll miss you dear. We had plans together. Like you were going to be my next room mate after Fridah is through with school. We were going to be in her wedding’s bridal party together, when that time comes. I mean, we had booked that early!

My heart is grieved. But at the same your departure has given me another reason to long for heaven. I will see you again. So am challenged to work out my salvation, so that I’ll not miss the mark and be separated eternally from Jesus, and as a result from you too.

You have gone to a better place. No more headaches or pain for you. Only happiness and peace.  Though we’ll never meet physically, our souls one day will reunite. I therefore  await the glorious reunion with Jesus and the saints who’ve departed. Until we meet at Jesus feet, FARE THEE WELL. 11149641_633392690093575_7557695388090297257_o

Your friend,

Mary Wairimu Mwangi