Every normal person will have dreams, ambitions and goals. Most of us have our future lives well figured out. The more focused ones will move a step ahead and write them down on 1st January, in the name of new year’s resolution. Lack of plans is considered as lack of focus in life.

I remember a day in high school when the usual motivation speakers came for one of those inspiration sessions. They told us to write where we wanted to be five years from then. I was probably in form three.They not only told us to write down our plans, but also close our eyes and visualize. This sort of brought an excitement coming from a fantasy about the future. The rightness or wrongness of it is another blog post all together.

I find Jesus’ ‘plans’ quite interesting. He was one of His own kind. He knew His mission on earth quite well and remained focused on it. Studying His reactions in the book of John is rebuking. At one point his brothers who had also began doubting him told Him to go to Judea for show off, so that people would see His miracles now that He ‘wanted’ to be a public figure (John 7:3-5). He kept insisting that His time had not yet come. Any typical human being would wonder what’s wrong with Him. I mean, He is claiming to be the Messiah but is still playing his game chini ya maji (under the water). But I admire him. It’s because becoming a celeb wasn’t anywhere in God’s mission for Him on earth.

Then there is this day His disciples found him talking to the Samaritan woman. Then they told Him to eat something and He said, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” This was at around noon and He had been tired, so you would expect He was also hungry. Yet he rejected the food offer, and said he had some other type of food – Doing the will of God who had sent him! Jesus had just finished talking to the Samaritan woman. He had reached out to her and was already satisfied with that! (John 4)

Food is primary for human survival. When Jesus says that His food is to do the will of him who sent Him then what I get is that obedience was primary for him, that he considered it first. He existed for doing His father’s will. Doing as the father willed brought Him fulfillment that food could never.

I feel rebuked. You know Jesus was of the same nature with God (Philippians 2) but He still sort to do His will! How about me, who is like a worm in His sight? The many times I cling to some selfish ambitions and call them my heart’s desires. Then instead of seeking God’s will I call him down to come approve mine, pridefully so!

Right now in my mind I know what I want to do with my life. I keep on asking God to help me and establish my plans. But how about His will? What if He has a different opinion? Why can’t I just seek His revealed will according to the scriptures, know what He wants me to do, everyday of my life, and do it?

I’m not against writing down goals, visions and plans (though I can’t even tell you what I wrote during the motivation session). My opinion is that sometimes our plans would make us so rigid to God’s will, so that when He guides you into something  it feels like he is interfering with our well thought out plans.

Why is it hard to live like Jesus? And that’s basically the life of a soldier in an alien country. You don’t live like you belong there. You are more consumed with the goal of your kingdom and obeying your king. You lay down your life for the sake of serving your kingdom. Your life isn’t full of selfish pursuits. Everything you do is geared towards the course of advancing the mission of your kingdom.

My prayer this day is that God would bend my will. You know the way Roy Hession puts it in his book ‘The Calvary Road’? That when you surrender the ‘I’ that represents your will is bent to a ‘C’ that represents Christ’s will! The next time am asked where I want to be five years from now, I desire that I’ll not say “I want…”, with Jesus nowhere in the picture.