In our age and time hugging is almost the official way of greeting. Hugging in itself has been evolving and what we have now isn’t fit to be described as hugging. It’s almost like caressing.  Some years back opposite sex greeting was arm length. Then as time went the distance between the two people involved continued to reduce. We reached a point where a hand shake was not enough. We started hugging. So now we not only hug, but we hug tightly, rub each others backs and even ladies are lifted up. Mind you, this is not an 10 seconds activity like it used to be. It’s graduated to minutes!

But is this really right? Do we treat our bodies and the bodies of those we hug with absolute purity by doing sensual hugs especially if there are no blood relations between the parties involved? My opinion is no. Recently my lady friends and I had a conversation concerning the same. A good number of us were comfortable with tight hugs. At the end of the discussion everyone’s opinion became their preference. Later on in the night I thought we should have given the discussion a biblical perspective. On I went into searching scripture.

I’ll begin with Paul’s exhortation to Timothy. “Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters.” 2 Timothy 1:5 (NLT) I wonder whether those sensual hugs are anything within the description of ‘all purity’ that Paul talks about.

Christ came that all may be redeemed. Everyone who has trusted in Christ has been redeemed, bought at a price. Therefore you belong to Christ since he has bought you. Your body is not your own. You therefore don’t want to do with it that which doesn’t please your master.

Just to make sure I am not exaggerating, I sought opinion from certain Christian brothers. One of them told me, “My view: a way of satisfying lustful desires. Leaves me feeling like I just caressed someone.It’s horrible for a Christian.” Another brother said tight hugging doesn’t leave him the same. Stirs up emotions in him.

You may think you are okay, and you never get affected. But you may be guilty of defrauding a brother or a sister. Probably that brother you just hugged went away with lustful desires and ended up sinning. May be you aroused in him sexual desires that cannot be righteously satisfied. You are guilty of the sin of defraud! Ladies laying your burst on his chest could leave him not the same!

I understand times have really changed. But truth doesn’t. God’s standard of morality are the same. We therefore cannot continue to live ignorantly. We have to be aware of every sin that could so easily entangle us, and therefore avoid it.

I am not against hugging. I am against sensual hugging between opposite sex individuals who are not married, before you start throwing stones at me! Treat your body and that of your brother or sister with absolute purity!

It’s the journey of sexual purity! Our standards have to be very high. Every loop hole that could lead to immorality has to be sealed!

What do you think? Are you of my opinion and conviction?