song215Christians are a wonderful lot. Their moral standards are somewhere out of this world. You will rarely find them engage in gross sins like bank robbery, adultery and murder. When they do, it becomes news! However, the small foxes oftten tend to eat away their vineyards which are in bloom.

‘Little’ sins like malice, slander, rage and anger do them harm. Am not talking about a bunch of people outside there, am included in the list. And so I change from the pronoun ‘they’ to ‘we’. Yes. We struggle with ‘small’ sins that arise from within and are not easily detected. That’s why sometimes we even forget that we are no good and start pointing fingers to the fornicators, adulterers…etc.

The writer of Song of Solomon wrote in chapter 2 verse 15; “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” A fox is a cunning, malignant and mischievous animal. It will go into a field when the grapes are ready and start eating up the fruits, as if it participated in the ploughing, planting and tending of the fields. That’s why the writer calls for catching of the foxes that show up when the fields are in bloom, so that when they are ready the fruits will not be ruined.

Perhaps that should be our prayer. That God will help us out with those sins that sprout out from our attitudes, that he will cut them off. You know that hatred you’ll feel towards your friend who wasn’t nice to you. Or that slandering you’ll do in the name of “let’s pray for our brother”, as if you are very concerned, yet you wanted to introduce a subject of discussion! Even that pride you feel within yourself that prevents you from interacting with the lesser people. Those are small foxes that will ruin the vineyards!

Often I struggle with different forms of pride. It is what deters me from bearing much fruit for the kingdom. Because sometimes am not humble enough to walk under the lordship of Jesus, and to walk in His steps. And so I constantly pray that Jesus will help me catch those little foxes that threaten to destroy me.

In John 15, Jesus told his disciples to remain in Him, the vine. We are the branches and God is the gardener. If we remain in Jesus we will bear much fruit. God, the gardener, will prevent the little foxes from ruining the vineyard.