So today I turned 21. For the past two or so days I’ve been eagerly waiting for this day. Not really to throw a bash, but just to see it. And so yesterday I waited till midnight. There’s no way I was gonna turn 21 while asleep.

The day’s highlights.

I wish all my days were birthdays. The love that I’ve been shown left me speechless. One call I got at midnight (I won’t mention names), the instant birthday wishes on various whats-app groups at midnight (It’s as if they were waiting with me), the nice messages on Facebook and a beautiful message from dad. One friend had me as their whats-app profile pic. Thanks peeps for the love.

My friends Keshy and Fridah were so thoughtful. They hid some cake and soda for me and we had an awesome three people birthday party on Saturday, since we wouldn’t make it to be together today. Not mentioning my workmates! Am coming from a small party session with them.

Did I mention I treated myself to pork? Yes I did! I had ugali and pork for lunch. Yummy!

Growth points.

I don’t know whether it only happens to me, but I like reviewing my progress on every birthday. This time I found something interesting; I outgrew the abuse of the rules of English. I stopped using x for s, d for th and those other abnormal short forms that people use. I would use them in 2013. If you are still using them please stop. Especially if you are older than me. If I outgrew them, you also can! ๐Ÿ™‚

My spiritual, emotional and social growth is significant. I still have some more of growing up to do though. Yes. I need to overcome baby-ish tendencies.

My new year resolutions.

I stopped writing resolutions especially on 1st January because they never made it to 5th January. But today I thought I shouldn’t give up on myself so easily. So I came up with some for my new year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the years some giants have been overcoming me and have made me believe am not good at some things, and have made me keep postponing other things. One of my resolutions is to usurp power. I am the boss here.

Growing up I knew I would sing (not only in the bathroom). I even wrote authentic songs in class 7 and form 2 respectively. But when I met friends who were very musical, a giant convinced me to drop the singing idea. And dropping I did! Bad news to you now: Am gonna try singing, though not professionally. I admit am not very musical, but there is some passion for music in me. So, gerarahia you giant!

Another giant succeeded in convincing me to postpone guitar lessons for like 3 years now. Bad news to you too: Am gonna make it happen! The last giant is the giant responsible for my postponing of acting. To the giant: Follow your two friends!

Reader, for more resolutions see me in camera!

My fears.

There are fears that come along with aging. I realized just how life is happening fast, and somehow, the responsibility of what course it takes lies squarely on me. A little recklessness could mess me up in a big way.

Making decisions is part of this life. Some decisions are too lofty. They make me scared!I don’t want to pour water as I empty my can. And so I just want one thing; God’s will. So help me God!

My gratitude.

Living for two decades ain’t no joke! Many are in the habit of thinking am very young. But I feel like a grown up now. There is a way becoming 21 activated the adulthood knob in my mind. (Who said you become an adult at 18 again?) And for this reason am grateful.

To all the ‘stakeholders’ of my life: Thanks. My loving and caring parents and all other family members, Jonie and Maggie for their spiritual counsel and friends from all walks of life. Directly or indirectly you influenced who I am. Thanks a bunch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, and most importantly, thanks to God. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d be without him. For the many years ahead, I trust Him. Happy birthday to me!