Live_Well(1)Yesterday, after reading someone’s post on the completion of his term of service in a certain Christian Union, I got impressed. He was not only finishing but finishing well. You know the kind of finishing that you are sure there is nothing that was left undone? So it got me thinking exactly what am doing with my life.

You see, as a Christian I want to be exemplary and outstanding. I want to shine in my service for God. I want to be the George Muller of my time. Better if I be the next Elisabeth Elliot, as a replacement after her death. Everyday when I wake up I always have an idea of the many things I want to do in mind, for the glory of God’s kingdom.

But then several disruptions come in between my good intended will and the implementation of my thoughts. Immediately after figuring out what I want to do with my day I get the temptation to check what’s happening in the world on social media. And that becomes a low note to begin the day with.

This week, my friends and I have been having discussions of just how our phones are the number one enemies of our devotions and industriousness during the day. There is a way phones make us busy bodies, having the appearance of ‘busy’ people yet we are the laziest.

As the cliche’ goes, life is short. And you only live once. Woe to you if you do nothing that has eternal value. It is sad to just live the fantasy of an ideal purposeful life but never actually live it.

When I become a mother (If God wills), I want to be the best. I want to have some direction in my life right now, so that my kids will learn from me. I want to teach them God’s word. Right now in my young age, I want to do something that will count. I don’t want to wake up every morning to be on whats app or to watch movies all day. I don’t want my days to just end, without doing something worth showing. I want to impact souls. I want to be industrious like the Proverbs 31 woman. I want to serve in whatever place God has positioned me.

I regret the days I’ve woken up just to be online. Not mentioning the days I’ve pampered my body so that I woke up at noon, in the name of resting, even when I had not done any task that would make me deserve a pat on my shoulder. And the time I waste in school! God forgive me!

For us young people, there is always the temptation to live online and be internet gossips. There are days the only thing you want to do after waking up is watch movies all day. And the many hours we spend hanging out with each other at the expense of carrying out our responsibilities. May the Lord deliver us from having a form of busyness without really being busy!

So brothers and sisters, let’s do something constructive with our lives. Let’s not just live life. Do something that is of eternal value with your day. Practice diligence in whatever task you have. Choose to honor God with your time. Like Jim Elliot, let’s all desire that even if God does not give us a long life, at least we’ll have a life full of life!