12027390_502430399930337_3124406184226429051_oWe are living in a time when so much stretching of boundaries especially on purity has happened, it’s almost not very clear where the boundary had been drawn initially.

Relativism alludes that any choice you make pertaining life is okay, provided you don’t hurt anyone. And so the choice on sexuality lies squarely on individuals (if we were to go with what relativism dictates). That’s why there is so much campaign on the media in favor of trends like homosexuality, either directly or indirectly.

Over time we thought the idea of fornication, bestiality and homosexuality was far-fetched. We buried our heads in the sand and thought we were okay. After all no church member would be involved in this. We ignored any cases of sexual immorality that happened and treated the victim as outcasts.

But now the reality is here with us. It’s happening right in church. It’s no longer a question of what the bible says but of what we want or feel. Now, there’s need to reorganize our houses and put things in order. We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand or sit down and watch as the society gets immoral by the day, and as morals are thrown out of the window. Literally!

This is what Shahidi forum is all about. Shahidi is the Kiswahili word for witness. If this is the situation in our time, then something needs to be done. We need to talk more about sexuality and all the trends surrounding it. As a church we need to tell people what the Bible says about sexuality, if we are to remain relevant. We need to tell people it’s possible to remain pure, it’s okay and it’s cool.FOCUS Kenya (Fellowship Of Christian Unions) is the host for this forum on Saturday 26th September 2015. FOCUS is the body that brings together all the Christian Unions in tertiary institutions in Kenya, currently working with 144 Christian Unions.

Among the students, sexual immorality has managed to creep in and have it’s place. It’s now very difficult to talk about purity and godly standards, yet these are the people who are the future of the church and the nation. This is not only an issue among the non-believers but also among believers. Therefore, if we would unite and advance the course of purity, and reach out to the young as well as the old, and tell them chastity is way better that immorality, then probably we’d cause some change.

If we march on courageously and let people know what the Bible says about sexuality, we would be acting as the light to the world, which are supposed to be.

Now, on Saturday we’ll have three speakers in the forum. One speaking from a legal perspective, the other from a medical view and the last one from a socio-cultural and religious view. I think here lies the beauty of the forum. Getting to hear arguments of sexuality from these three points of view and in a biblical perspective is awesome. Don’t you think so?

So here comes the invitation… I invite you all (as many as will read this blog post) and your friends to attend the Shahidi forum. I hope we are in agreement that we can’t just sit down and watch things happen. We need this for ourselves and others. I made sure I put up pictures with the details of the forum. But just in case you haven’t seen it, (your phone or machine could ‘refuse’ to load) I’ll repeat. The charges for students is Ksh. 100 only, and for non-students Ksh. 300 only.

Let’s meet there on Saturday. It’s also important that we pray for the day. One more last thing, if you could help circulate this by sharing it we would reach more people and tell them about Shahidi. 🙂 See you on Saturday!