I gave myself to daily study of the word. I sat down to listen to many teachings. I observed and learnt from many people who had gone ahead of me in this path. I developed convictions. I got so convinced that at some point I thought I was overdoing it.

The convictions built up with time. I was very convinced that I should walk in purity to honor God. I am still very convinced! Though the situations around me offered me an opportunity to break the rules, I strove not to give in. I still strive. The opportunities presented themselves so nicely, that it would only take courage to turn my back from them.

The point is, if I decided to give in it wouldn’t be the same as it would be when I knew not. Perhaps I wouldn’t have felt sinful if I broke the boundaries in the days of ignorance. But now I know.I therefore can’t continue to live as though nothing happened.

I know if I flirt around with sin, sooner or later it’s going to master me. And that will be the beginning of my separation from God.I now know what the Bible says about sexual immorality and all other types of sin. I’d be therefore acting rebellious if I continued living in sin.

In the days of Jeremiah, the captain of the forces told Jeremiah to go petition for them to the Lord. God commanded them to remain in the land of Judah and not to go to Egypt, through Jeremiah. They promised to obey his voice because they sent the prophet to consult him. (Jeremiah 42)

It’s the same case here. Once you know the truth, you cannot continue living as if you don’t know. You can only obey or disobey God’s will. It’s therefore safer if you resolve to walk in the revealed will/counsel of the Lord. The chapter continues further to state the warning/punishment when they didn’t obey God.

Sexual sin is arguably one of the easiest to fall into. Everyday an opportunity will present itself demanding that you give in. On one occasion there will be so much pressure to get into a relationship even when God isn’t in the picture, that you’ll even think of lowering down your standards. On the other occasion, you’ll receive a flirt, and your itching years will want to hear more. You’ll have moments when you have like five reasons on why you should let lose your guards. I mean, you’ll be bombarded from every side. But remember one thing, these are not the days when you didn’t know. You know the truth and you can be sure there is punishment for knowing the will of God yet disobeying it.

Same case applies to all other manner of sins. You know too well that bribing is sin. If you do it then you are probably ‘guiltier’ than one who did it without knowing.

Hold on to the biblical convictions you have developed. Let them be strong enough that you’d readily die for them. Let them be clear in your heart and mind. Develop a biblical perspective that will inform your convictions. Let your standards be so high that there will be no hint of sin in your life. Most importantly, do this to honor God.