Your friend invites you for an event in their church. You are loyal and so you gladly tag along. When you arrive, you spend the first few minutes looking around. It’s a new place. So you want to catch a glimpse of things. You are impressed. Very impressed!

It’s worship time. The worship is awesome. The one that makes you feel like you are very near to God. A guy is leading. His voice is outstanding. You think the day he was created there was no one else being created, and so God took his time. You feel blessed!

After church your friend introduces you to a few of her friends. Coincidentally, ‘Mr Worship leader’ is among them. He warms up for you. You have a little chit chat together. You quickly become friends and exchange contacts.

When you get home, you are faithful to let him know you arrived safely. The chat doesn’t end there, you say 5 goodnights and after every goodnight a topic comes up. Every time a text comes in you check your screen and when you see it’s him, you smile involuntarily even without reading the content of the message.

In the first few days you chat in the evenings, as you catch up on how the day has been. Then you begin texting each other in the morning, just wishing him a good day. The soon you ‘discover’ morning and evening are not enough, so you chat all day. He knows when you are working, when you are eating, when you are mood-less and when you want to sleep. It’s so serious that when he doesn’t reply your text in 10 minutes time, you quarrel him.

You only met once, but he knows everything about you. Your phone has bridged the gap between you two.We bless the Lord for phones!

One day you decide to seek clarity. You want to ask him to define the friendship. Partly because you wish he confirms he likes you, and partly to allude that you like him. After all the talk you’ve had you think it’s obvious he likes you, and so you just want to confirm.

On that fateful evening he answers you. He sees you as a friend. In fact he has a girlfriend. Your heart breaks. You hadn’t anticipated such a thing. You regret having met. You regret giving him attention. You feel duped.


The illustration above is a case scenario. May be your story is similar to this one. One of the most dangerous things that happens especially to single people is letting their hearts precede their mind. You entertain your emotions and allow them to lead you but eventually you regret.

I think we should be very conscious in our interactions. Conscious to treat each other with absolute purity but also conscious to guard our hearts. Maggie Gathuku once told never to allow my heart to go before my mind. Don’t find yourself in a ‘kithing’ that looks like a relationship yet it’s not.

When Cain’s sacrifice wasn’t accepted by God, God asked him, ” …But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” (Genesis 4:7) May be we can use this verse in our context. Before you are captured and blindly led by your emotions, you have to master them. Be the boss.

Jeremiah says the heart is deceitful above everything else. Very true. If you follow your heart, you may end up in a ditch. You need to make conscious decisions and lead your heart.

Finally, guard your heart. I cannot over-emphasize this. Out of the heart flows the issues of life. Guard it jealously! (Proverbs 4:23)