KPS10Life can be very noisy. Your alarm goes on in the morning and you reach out for your phone with your eyes half closed. The fact that it’s morning is unbearable. In an attempt to slow boot your systems, you go to social media and pick up from where you left last night. So the first input into your brain is the noise on social media.

You then prepare for school or work and take a matatu. In the matatu Maina and King’ang’i are there to to make sure you are well fed with some noise. Your attempts to read a verse or two while in the matatu fail terribly! When you get into the office, everyone there is discussing about the Eurobond or the NYS scandals. You join them in the discussion.

For students, you go to class on a Monday morning and a bunch of people are discussing about the Saturday night rave. The lecturer makes it worse by beginning the lecture with expressing his atheistic views.

By the time it’s evening so much has been inputted in you, most of no value. This is a dangerous ground to tread. You wear out inwardly and you almost become empty. At this point we need to stop and consider!

May be you need to reconsider your waking up habits. Beginning your morning on social media is not the best thing. May be waking up a little bit early to have some quiet time will set the pace for your day.

Sometimes we read the Bible and an amazing insight pops up, and you want the world on Facebook to know about it. May be you need some more meditation on it before posting. Your comments on a trending topic may be reserved for a moment, perhaps they are not so very urgent.

How about you turn off your phone? Yes, you can survive. May be that’s all that you need to do for you to keep off the noise. Better still if you have some solitude days. You know those uninterrupted quiet moments alone? May be that’s what you need for you to get some perspective of your life. Perhaps that’s all you need for you to have quality time with God.

When life becomes very noisy- when the outward noise is too much, we need to stop and consider. Stop and stand still for a moment, and consider whether you still want to continue in the same way. Doing like Jesus would perhaps help. In Mark 1:35, it’s recorded, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

Stop and consider your ways, attitudes and behavior. Stop and consider your perspectives and priorities. Stop and consider your thoughts and actions. Change them if need be.