New-Year-2016-HD-WallpaperIt’s fourteen days into the year 2016. People have already stopped the ‘happy new year’ greetings. Clearly, the year is getting older. So I feel late . Like I should have posted this a little bit earlier. But they say ‘better late than never’… So I’ll still go ahead and post.

2016 is a great year for me. At least so far. I began it by attending the National Leadership Summit organized by Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS Kenya) at Kabarak University. This conference gave me a lot of perspective for the year. I was challenged to do something. (At this point I remember Mathew West’s song ‘Do Something’)

Well, the conference was all about leadership. Sort of reclaiming the position and influence of leadership in a corrupt and immoral context. The Bible expositions were from the book of Titus and we had a great expositor, Fenta Mamusha from Ethiopia. You don’t want me to go into the details of describing him! Titus was sent to Crete by Paul to set in order the things that were lacking (Titus 1:5). One of the prophets in Crete had described Cretans as liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons. Paul went ahead to confirm it was true. Clearly, these weren’t a good bunch of people.

So Titus is sent to such kind of people. One of the lessons that stood out for me is what Paul tells Titus, to set them an example by doing what is good (Titus 2:7)…. For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men and teaches them to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age… (Titus 2:11).

The latter verse was familiar to me but this time around it spoke volumes. God’s grace is not just an unmerited favor that brings salvation, but it is also power to live a godly life. Therefore I can’t just continue living in denial of this grace that has already appeared. I can’t continue living as though the only role that God’s grace played in my life was save me and leave. Since I have experienced renew and a rebirth, I walk in victory over sin. This makes me remember the post Dead to sin, alive to God.

Therefore using grace as an excuse or as a license for sinning is a belittling of the immense power of this saving grace. A study into the book of Titus would be something worthy…

Moving on, there are several things I want to do in a better way in 2016. I want to read more. I hope as many people as possible can join me. You remember this post It is bad manners to have more clothes than books?) Sometimes back in last year a friend called John (the one whose testimony featured here) challenged me to begin a readership challenge for my readers. I have been thinking through the suggestion and I thought I would do that this year.

The aim of the challenge will be to challenge people to read and to also provide a platform to share insights from our reading by writing book reviews and topical articles generated from our reading. It will also be a good way of walking in accountability in this area. For this year, I have committed myself to read at least 26 books. I have began by reading ‘Boundaries in Dating’, as you’ll see below in my goodreads widget. I know this will remain a vision if I don’t exercise discipline and if I don’t walk in accountability. So I need the readership challenge as well.

To enroll for the challenge register your name and contact in the comment box. Registration will be for one week and therefore will close next week on Thursday. After that I’ll post a guideline on how to go about the challenge. By February the challenge should have kicked off. We’ll have people post on their experiences and things they learn from the various books they read.

That’s all for now. Let’s meet next week after registering, so that we can see how to go about this. Your questions, comments and ideas will be appreciated. You can reach me through social media especially Facebook by using the icons on the blog below. Chao