booksI start by apologizing for not keeping my word… I was supposed to post a guideline on how to go about the challenge last week on Thursday. But days can get really busy, you know! So I ended up not posting. Am sorry.

A number of people were interested in the challenge, but only few committed to participate. I understand the nature of this commitment… So now we are six people ready for the challenge, I included. I think this is a good number since it’s very manageable.

So here we go… We’ll all begin by all registering for an account on Goodreads. After you have registered, set a target of the number of books you want to read this year. When making a decision on this please consider how many you’ll read on a monthly basis. Add me as your friend on the same site. Find me here. I’ll create a group for us where we can all participate in the discussions. It will be better if you can download the Goodreads app on your phone.

Since we are few, and in the same country, we’ll create a Whats-app group where all communication will be done. We are also at an advantage because of our geographical location. So it’s possible to have meetings. The meeting days will help us discuss our experiences in the new venture. As time goes by, and as we gain momentum, we’ll see what activities to include in order to make the experience interesting.

Once in a while we’ll have a common book to read. Then we’ll meet to discuss the insights and lessons we learn, as well us know what’s the way forward after the reading.

Our primary source of books will be FOCUS Center bookshop, where we can get authentic and affordable books for ourselves. However, one is free to get books from any other bookshop they wish to.

Depending on our individual targets, we’ll have different individuals get an opportunity to post their books reviews here on the blog regularly. This will help us be thorough in our reading. Am also in the process of engaging few people who can sponsor give aways for the participants who are diligent, thorough and faithful to their commitment.

That having been said, I look forward to this challenge.