Whenever I think about the issue of chastity, fear grips my heart. So many people have fallen, people who were strong, and it only leaves me wondering whether I’ll stand. Pastors in the church, leaders in the Christian Union… Sexual sin doesn’t seem to honor even the giants of faith. The more I think about this the more I realize that only God can enable me walk purely. The more I realize this, the more I cling to him. The more I cling to him, the more I get convinced that it is possible to walk purely.

In the past one year or so, I’ve had the privilege of being a student leader under FOCUS Kenya. A number of times we sat down to talk about how to deal with sexual sin in the Christian Unions. I remember one time we had these discussions and it dawned heavily on me that I am also prone to wander. Am not immune to sin. If I walk recklessly sin is crouching at the door and desires to have me. At that point I stopped thinking only of solutions that I would offer to help save the situation, and began thinking about myself. How can I guard myself? How can I walk purely?

As I continue to think of what I could do to guard myself from sin, I am not ignorant of the fact that I am fallen. I can’t by myself. Unless I cling to the most holy God then I can’t be holy. Unless I do what he requires of me I can’t do it. Unless I walk closely with him then I won’t win the battle.

Am no special than those who’ve fallen. My boundaries have not prevented me from falling. My wisdom in dealing with situations is not sufficient enough to enable me walk purely. Only the Lord! Some times back an elderly couple used to tell us that when we see people fall, we shouldn’t think we were better. We should say, “There go I save for God’s grace.”

This semester the various Christian Unions affiliated to FOCUS Kenya are all uniting in one voice as we say it is possible, it is practical and it is live-able. Yes. It is possible to walk in purity. Because God’s grace has appeared to us and teaches us to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self controlled lives. It empowers us to live godly lives. (Titus 2:11) Because we’ve been redeemed, we have experienced a rebirth and a renewal, we are born of God. Sin is not our master since the body of sin has been put to death, and we are now alive in Christ.

We refuse the lie that everyone is doing it. As Fenta Mamusha mentioned in the National Leadership Summit in Kabarak at the beginning of this year, for every plane that crashes, there are thousands other that land safely. But then we only get to hear of the one crashed. It’s the same with sexual sin. The media only reports of the pastors who have been caught in the act, but they never tell us of the rest who are walking purely. And so we refuse to be deceived by the enemy that there are no people standing!

We know we are in the 21st century. But we refuse to believe the devil’s lie, that the standards have changed. We know that with or without modernization the standards of God remain the same. The same God who commanded the Israelites to be holy requires us to be holy. He knew we would be in an immoral context but he still requires us to be holy. I believe if holiness in the 21st century wasn’t possible then he wouldn’t have commanded us to be holy. Therefore we choose holiness!

We know that it is difficult. But we are willing to take up the challenge. We are aware that we’ll pay for it. But we are still determined. We are ready to be called names. We are ready to look foolish. We are ready to look weird. But we are convinced it is for a greater course. So we choose to honor God over a good name.

On 14th February all the Christian students from every region in Kenya will gather and raise our voices. We will proclaim that it is possible to walk in purity. From the understanding that our God is holy and requires us to be holy, we will commit ourselves to walk in holiness.

This is a clarion call for every young person. Let’s join the chastity campaign. Let’s unite in one voice and proclaim that it is possible to walk purely. It is possible to wait till marriage. It is possible to not have a trail of entanglements behind you. Most importantly, may you be found faithful. May our actions speak louder than our words.

More details on the Chastity Campaign on 14th February are coming up soon.