When I was in my first year, I witnessed a students’ demonstration in school. Two rival political parties had taken their differences to the streets. They caused a lot of mayhem and Thika road was closed up temporarily around the place where Kenyatta University is located. Word ran allover that the students of Kenyatta University were striking.

But I wasn’t in the strike. I know a few other friends who weren’t in the demo too. It didn’t matter to the public.

Over the years, university students have been known to be immoral. The ladies are notorious for moving with the rich tycoons near their school, dressing provocatively and sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. The gents on the other hand have perfected the art of playing with ladies’ hearts. Sex is not a secret among the students. It’s part of leisure.

I agree. This is indeed the case. I have witnessed it once or twice. But this is not the whole truth. Not all university students are this way. When my school went demonstrating over politics, it was assumed that everyone in the school was. But this wasn’t true. Perhaps the people who didn’t participate in the demo were more than those who did.

I want to introduce you to another group of students. They are some peculiar people who will not go to the student centres to indulge during the weekends. Instead, they’ll attend keshas and fellowships, or just stay in their rooms and do something constructive. They are the kind that know that in whatever they do, they should glorify God. They’ve chosen not to defile themselves.

Many times they go unnoticed since they act contrary to the popular culture. But we can’t deny their existence. They are the kind that do not demonstrate over cheap politics. I believe it’s because their eyes are fixed somewhere else. On a greater calling.

They don’t go shopping while they know too well that they won’t buy. They are convinced that sex is only to be enjoyed in the confines of marriage. I know some of them. I’ve seen them. I know they exist even if I’ve not met all.

So this weekend, a good number of these peculiar people will go to the streets. This time around no cars will be broken. Neither will there be fights with the police men. Or tear gas on the streets. Nay.

This time it’s something different. It’s a different group of students all together. It’s the Christian students.

We want to raise a different voice. We want to proclaim a different message. That it is possible to walk purely. It is okay and there’s nothing wrong. In fact, it’s the ideal thing.

This won’t be a show of the holy ones in campus. It will be a walk by weak people who have acknowledged that they are weak but the God they believe in is able to sustain them. In fact, there may be several of us who have fallen. But we have been restored and we are committed to what will count for eternity.

We will therefore march. With banners high and clear. And let the world know that our God is holy and requires us to be holy. We will say it with our mouths. We’ll wear clothes that bear this message. Not only so, but we’ll be careful to walk our talk.

We hope that as we speak it, we’ll be heard and many will join the sexual purity movement. We hope that those who’ve not been boldly walking in purity will get encouraged to do so. By doing this, we are being vulnerable to each other. We are allowing each other to be our own custodians. We are also ashaming the enemy, who has taught people a lie- that it’s not possible and that it’s old fashioned.

You can not be left behind in this. Join us in Nairobi on Saturday at 9am at the University of Nairobi grounds and let’s do it together. The dress code for the day is black bottom (skirt or trousers) and white tops.

Students from other regions in the country will also do this on the streets of the towns they are located.

Come and let us be the light that we were meant to be. Foot soldiers carrying good news!