What happens when you are in the library, and you are supposed to study for a CAT scheduled the following day, and your mind is so aloof you can’t read, and there is wi-fi?

But I thank God for wi-fi. This thing has really made life easier. I can now comfortably save money since I don’t have to buy data bundles every other day. I can watch as many music videos as I want.

So when you are in the library and you don’t feel like reading, you write. In such situations it’s when the writing juices are released. You know those moments when the things you want to do you don’t? So you write and tell your readers you have been on a sabbatical leave.

Talking of a sabbatical leave… The first time I heard this I thought the word was so cool. And very spiritual, like every Christian should make sure they use it at one point in life, like the Muslims have to travel to Mecca at least once in their life time. So I looked forward to using it. My joy is complete now. I have just used it!

There’s this day I decided to leave the Internet. I had hoped to be out for a month… Well, that’s until peer pressure happened. Let me tell you… I have never had a productive time in my life like I had. I read 3 books in 2 weeks (this is where you stand up and clap), did my devotions daily and walked lighter. The Internet has many burdens- wanting to know what’s trending, curiosity of knowing who has commented on your new post…etc. So being away makes you walk lighter.

Two weeks ago, I called my mum and asked her whether mangoes in our farm at home were ready. So she said they’d be in two weeks time. The reason why I called to ask her this is because I was beginning to feel insecure. Apple mangoes are slowly fading out of the market. During the season they were in plenty I’d take one daily. That’s because I am a student and clearly, my pocket can’t allow me to take at least five mangoes like I’d have wished. To cut the long story short, I can’t wait to be home on this weekend and have as many mangoes as I can, and probably carry a bucket (irefe) of the same.

Have you heard news that the Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor, Prof Olive Mugenda retired? I bet you have. Now, pull your stool closer I tell you. This woman is outstanding. Kenyatta University is the best university in Kenya now. Let me run away before comrades from ‘The’ University of Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology begin a strike. Though it’s easy to deal with the latter because they are Kenyatta University At Juja. (JKUAT)

Lakini these lecturers who give their CATs at 7:00am in the morning… Smh. The hustle of waking up early and all… It’s torturous. Lakini tutavumilia tu. (We’ll persevere)

By the way there’s this perfect easter plot. Bloody hymnal is an evening session (6:00-8:30pm) of singing hymns that talk about the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is just the best way to begin your easter holiday. It’s a reflective and refreshing session as the reality of the work of the cross dawns so heavily on you. The event is on Thursday at Ruaraka Baptist Church, near the great Garden City mall. Advance tickets are going for 200sh only and tickets at the gate will be 300sh. Why not give it a try?

For all the people who wondered whether I had stopped writing, I am back. And let the writing continue! At this point I feel like saying ‘Aluta continua’. So that you all know I passed by a history class!

So when you don’t feel like reading, you write. Then when someone asks what you are writing about, just tell them you also don’t know. Maybe writing is a way of helping gain momentum so that when you begin reading you read until it comes out with your noses (nginya kiume na maniuru). Well, that’s until you realise that you carried the wrong course notes. So you have to go back to your house and pick the right notes.