Living alone is fun. But it has many temptations. Some of them come in the name of ‘I am full’ by yours truly, the stomach. There’s a feeling that I begin to get at around 6pm. My stomach is calm and composed and it manages to convince me that we are good to go. Not even the cold of the night or the aroma from the neighbors’ houses can beat us!

This Tuesday I had an interesting experience. The very thought of taking tea and bread at the end of the executive board meetings on Tuesday evenings is usually reason enough to charge me up for the meeting, now that cooking can be sometimes burdensome. (I am still a Proverbs 31 woman. Well, trying to be. Okay? Don’t judge me! 😛 )

So this week on Tuesday we met. We took tea and bread at the end of the meeting. Then my stomach began:

Stomach: We are full.

Me: Oh! Are we? 

Stomach: Yes. Very! That bread had a lot of content. 🙂

Me: But we didn’t take lunch. 

Stomach: Yes. But I don’t complain… 

Me: Do you remember what mum said? 

Stomach: Si you are the one who told her that you’ve been starving me? 

Me: Okay then. We are not eating. 

As this conversation was happening I was hoping that the shops were closed, so that I could get a reason convincing enough for not making supper that day. So later in the night I felt so very guilty. During the weekend my mum and auntie had heavily confronted me concerning my eating habits. Our conversation went something like this:

Mum: Uriaga ki?(What do you eat?)

Me: Thiku ici di busy ona rimwe dirugaga. (Nowadays I am busy so sometimes I don’t even cook)

Mum: Ati du? Nikio uroka haha uri ucekehete. (What? That’s why you are reducing weight.)

Auntie: Nikii urugaga riria wina ihenya? (What do you cook when in a hurry?)

Me: Supageti cia gukarangwo. (Fried spaghettis)

Mum: *Raising her voice* Riu icio ni irio? (Is that food?)

Auntie: Supageti uriaga na ki? (What stew do you take with spaghetti?)

Me: Matubi ma gukaranga kana theri. Ni thaka muno wacikaranga ciri theri. (With scrambled eggs or with nothing. They are very yummy when taken ‘alone’- 😛 hapo kizungu imenipiga chenga kiasi.)

Auntie: Wooiii... Mudu onadakiguragira kafoga. Icio ni stach theri uraria. (Wooiii… You should at least buy some veges. You are feeding on a lot of starch!

Me: (To mum) Niwamenya oria ngoragwo na assignment nyingi na mafuku ma ritiresha ma guthoma? Rimwe nyumaga cukuru kwi gutuku fiu arafu di munogu. (Do you know how I usually have many assignments and literature books to read? Sometimes I leave school at night and very tired.)

By now I hope she’ll be impressed to hear how her daughter is spending many hours in school, supposedly studying. (Never mind the many errands she runs apart from studying) But then this doesn’t happen.

Mum: Nguka Nairofi iyo jikarage nawe ngakurugira angikorwo nginya dungiruga. Dikwenda uinukage ucekehete guku! (I’ll come to that Nairobi and be living with you and cook for you if at all you can’t even cook for yourself. I don’t want you to be coming home thin!”)

So I felt tortured by that conversation. It made me believe how bad I am doing and how I am going to collapse on the streets of Kenyatta University one of these fine days, out of hunger. I felt I had disappointed my mum. So I decided to tell her the experiences of cooking I had in my house this semester, especially after getting myself a cookbook. (I told you not to judge me! Only Proverbs 31 women buy cookbooks. Lol)

Me: Mum, hari ifuku dagurire ria resipis riega muno. Dugite ido nyingi muno. Arafu nginya ngeta arata akwa tukaruga nao. (Mum, there’s a very good cookbook that I bought.I have cooked many new things. I even invited my friends we cook.)

I felt I was beginning to settle the old scores. My confidence was boosted. But for the rest of the conversation with my mum, is it not written in the annals of my journal? (Well, it’s not written on my journal. I just wanted to use the word ‘annals’ and so I had to form a sentence with it. 🙂 )

So on Tuesday after the conversation with my stomach I felt very guilty. Because I didn’t buy supper and I didn’t cook, and my mum had said I must cook and eat. I felt like she was seeing me from home. In fact I could almost hear her voice in my ears. “Nidirakuona” (I can see you). I only wished that she wouldn’t happen to call that night because I’d have reported myself.

Am on operation ‘Cooking everyday’. Sorry. Not everyday. But it will resume after refilling my cooking gas now that it decided to go off without making a prior announcement! Because my mum is awesome….