The concept behind Hesabika is quite great. We’ve all probably gotten concerned about the many sequential issues we’ve gone through as a country. The arguments between the government and the opposition suck. Sometimes you are left wondering who to believe. Jubilee or CORD? Let’s not even mention the NYS scandal. I remember how at first I had believed Waiguru’s claim to be innocent. Right now I don’t even know what to believe.

I don’t remember any day I logged into Twitter in the recent past and found the country at peace and without an issue of concern being discussed. (Students read their news from Twitter now that TVs are a bit rare 🙂 ) And all these issues are disheartening. At some point you feel like all hope is gone. I love my country Kenya so much. But there are days I’ve felt like I’d pack and leave, probably to Tanzania where President Magufuli is working out miracles through his government. I mean, the mess is too much!

In schools we’ve had a replica of what is happening in the nation. I think I stopped getting angry at people cheating in exams. I got used to it. There’s hardly an exam done in integrity, even if they deploy ten invigilators in one exam room. And what have I done as an individual? I have cowardly avoided sitting next to the people that I know they cheat.I sit in front during exam times. But now I feel this is not good enough.

A pastor friend of mine, Pst Nicholas Kachu from Deliverance Church Thika, once told us how they’d do it in JKUAT during his times. The Christians would evenly distribute themselves in the exam room and they would report any cheating happening around them. Perhaps we need to borrow a leaf from them?

Campus politics are another disturbing cancer within our skins. The tribalism and corruption that happens around only leaves you sick and tired. For some time I toyed with the idea of vying for the Campus chair seat in my campus. I know this is hard to believe especially to my friends but am serious. I think my reasoning was informed by how sick and tired I was. So I thought, what if we mobilized and equipped several Christian students to vie in certain positions of inluence, then mobilized all the Christian students to vote for them? We would probably achieve in transforming politics in campus significantly. But what happened to my idea? I worried about where I’d get money to fund the whole process, and I also wondered whether the Christian students would want to vote me in. Because that’s how we Christians are undivided.

Therefore Hesabika for me is right on time. There’s too much I have been concerned about and would like to see change. I’d even be willing to play a part in bringing the change. I know many people are. Well, that’s except for those who only complain about corruption because they are not benefiting from it.

Hesabika is a christian initiative. I strongly believe that Christians are in the best position to influence things. Like Justice Richard Mwongo said during this week’s Monday special interview on Citizen TV, it’s only the believe in God, who is the author of morality, which can sufficiently inform our conviction against these widespread vices. And because as Christians we have a greater call, the call to holiness, we understand that we should be holy in all our dealings.

Hesabika is a gathering of like minded people who are tired of being concerned, and now want to translate concern into action. Now that this is the situation (a mess), what can we do about it? Do we sit, fold our hands and watch things move from bad to worse? Not at all! We are called to be the salt of the earth. We shouldn’t lose our taste.

I look forward to Hesabika being an unstoppable movement. I pray that ultimately, we will achieve the society transformation we have so longed for. I desire that through initiatives such as these, the hearts of men will be stirred up and a revival would begin.

The Hesabika conference is happening this weekend, 30th April- 2nd May at Kenyatta University Main Campus Amphitheater. The charges are Ksh.5000 for all the professionals and associates. There is a fee for the students. You can place an inquiry if interested.

We surely can do something. Both individually and collectively. And because we’d achieve more if we do it as many people, then let’s gather and do this together.Let’s meet here as we seek to Translate concern into action and as we stand out to be counted. Hesabika!