This week the news that Jimmy Gait had released a new hit ‘Yesu ndiye sponsor’ were welcomed with an uproar especially by Kenyans On Twitter (KOT). I took the time to go through the comments that were a mixture of sarcasm and humour from both believers and unbelievers. There seemed to be a consensus- Jimmy Gait is losing it.

The accusations were that Jimmy was taking the gospel thing too far with his contemporary hits. Some people suggested that soon we’d hear him produce a song called ‘Shetani ndiye fisi’ and probably a song talking about Brexit.

At a personal level, I did what was natural for any person to do- I laughed at the absurdity of Jimmy and the hilarious comments by KOT! But then later on as I thought through the issue I was saddened. Saddened by the fact that even non-believers seemed to be shouting at the believers, “Guys, there’s too much mess in your houses. Clean it up.” I was sad too that such a distorted view of Jesus was being sent out to people, which is totally misleading. But why is it so?

Let’s first see who’s a sponsor, in case you didn’t know. Sponsors are mostly old men and women who finance young ladies and young men for sexual favours in return. This term has gained popularity in the recent past, as one of the new trends of immorality, especially in Kenyan universities.

Let’s face some facts here. Why would a young person need a sponsor? It’s almost obvious that it’s for them to get someone to finance the life they want to live, which they would otherwise not afford since it’s beyond their ability. On the flip side, why would an old wealthy man or woman, who is most likely married, seek sexual satisfaction from a young person fit to be their son or daughter? I would answer that in one word- perversion. And so why does the ‘sponsorship’ business exist? It’s definitely because of greed and depravity.

Having said that, let’s look at the issue at hand. Jimmy says ‘Yesu ndiye sponsor’ in his new hit. From the understanding of who’s a sponsor, judge for yourself whether that’s an appropriate title for our saviour Jesus. And who’s Jesus, anyway?

Scripture gives us a very comprehensive knowledge of Him, and as sure as you can be ‘sponsor’ is not one of his qualities. Neither is there a quality of Jesus close to that. Let’s look at a few things that Scripture reveals about Jesus:

1. He is the King of Israel, King of Kings. On the cross where Jesus died, a charge read above his head as revealed in Mathew 27:37 “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.” Though this was mockery by the Roman soldiers, it was God’s divine order that the charge is hang, since that’s who he is!

2. The ‘Great I Am’…
When Jesus walked on the water, the disciples saw him and were terrified. But Jesus said to them, “Take courage! It is I….” Greg Gilbert, in his book “Who is  Jesus?” explains this claim by Jesus. “The answer is that the sentence It is I, though it may be proper English grammar, does not convey… exactly… what Jesus said. What he said, literally, was Take heart. I am!” That was the ancient and famous name of Israel’s Almighty God.
In some other portion of Scripture, he states that God and he are one and that whoever comes to the father must come through him. Philippians 2 says that he’s of the same nature with God. He’s therefore rightfully justified to claim to be ‘I Am’ like God did when talking to Moses.

3. The lamb of God, Sacrifice for man.
Because of him, the penalty of death does not have to be paid by the sinner. He stood the place of the sinner by a beautiful arrangement expressing both God’s unbending justice and his mercy. Whoever hides in his blood (by accepting him) has passed from death to life. He is a complete expression of the father’s love!

4. He is the resurrected and reigning God.
He went through death and conquered it. The wounds on him stand as high proof of how death had taken him for a moment and how he conquered it. Therefore God enthroned him and invested in him with final and full authority to rule and to judge- and, wonderfully to save!

Jesus is so much more than our little heads can fathom. Scripture reveals knowledge about him that is sufficient for us. Sponsor is not anywhere in this. I’d, therefore, conclude that Jimmy Gait’s song blasphemous. It is contrary to Scripture. Jesus can never be a sponsor. Ever!

Perhaps Jimmy’s view of Jesus in this song was one who sorts him out financially like sponsors do. But still, is that the Jesus of the Bible? You see the impact of Prosperity gospel? It decreases Jesus to one who exists to bless us, to care for us, to protect us, to give us comfort….etc. In this case, man becomes the focus, and we call this a humanistic approach/view. That’s too blurred a vision about Jesus. It’s a distorted image that veils us from seeing and knowing the Jesus revealed in Scripture.

I challenge us to read Scripture as well as pray that the Holy Spirit reveals to us who Jesus is so that we don’t fall prey to believing the increasingly distorted image of Christ. Greg Gilbert has also belaboured in explaining who Jesus is as seen in Scripture in his book “Who is Jesus?” I recommend that you read this book. May the Lord help us!