Today is my birthday. So make sure you sing me a happy birthday song before you continue reading. I’ll know if you don’t. (insert a mother’s tone to child attempting to rebel). So I’ve battled with writing a birthday post. But I thought it shouldn’t be a routine. I wrote one last year so we can have a break this year. Plus probably there’s was not enough drama to record. And I haven’t achieved some of the things I had thought I’d want to perform. So I decided to answer a question that many people have demanded answers to. Again the last two posts have been intense. Why not have a lighter one?

You’ll never realize that your hair has shareholders until you cut it. You go try out and see. Even the person who has never commented on whether your hairstyles are good or bad will demand to know why you did it. Some will go like, “Why didn’t you tell me before doing it?” Isn’t it interesting?

So there’s this day last year. A Friday in November, I forget the date. I woke up and felt that that would be the end of me and hair. I felt like I wouldn’t live an extra day with it in my head. But I was coming from somewhere. So these are some of the reasons:

I have always wanted to it. Yes, I have. I was curious to know how I’d look like. At one point in 2014, I had made up my mind to visit the barber. But I made one mistake. I called my mum to inform her. My plan aborted. Because I had to prove to her there was nothing wrong with me, I just wanted a new look. God knows the prayers she said to Him, not to let her daughter walk in that misguided path.

Early 20s crisis. I was in a crisis. I was engaging significant transitions that made me confused. I was also trying to answer some important questions about life. (that makes me sound like a deep thinking and focused young person, right? ๐Ÿ˜› ) Then there was end month and after a look at my budget, it was evident a hairdo wasn’t possible. This was also stressing- money. So I got convinced that if I did away with my hair one problem would be solved, and the burden would be lighter. The hair was only a victim.

Shaved ladies look awesome. I still think so up to now. Let’s not engage in this point so much because by the end of it I may be tempted to look for the nearest barber shop.

So I shaved. I felt very relieved. No hair to comb or take to the salon. And now am growing the hair. Not because I felt the loss. I just thought it is adventurous. And my joy was made complete because I did what I consider as the most daring thing in my life.

Having said that, I just want the readers to know that they don’t have to worry about distance when considering what gifts to give to the birthday girl. My phone’s M-PESA is active. And I also have a bank account. You are sorted!

And before I leave, you wonder what the photo on the post has to do with the post? Everything. We are talking about the hair of the birthday girl. (See what I did there? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) That was to play with your mind.