Have you heard about the media company that once reported that there’s no news? How now? With all the good and bad that happen around the world it’s impossible to have no news.

The lecturers are on strike. That means a lot of spare time on the students’ end. It’s a boring life. You wake up in the morning, make breakfast, begin thinking of what to have for lunch, then think of the four o’clock snack and then supper. The effects of the strike will be lazy fat students. (But that’s not how am spending my days. 😀 😀 )

Lakini Kenya has become a striking nation. The doctors and the lecturers… We don’t know who are the next civil servants. Which is that planet that the scientists reported to have life? Coz I need to move there until human beings on planet earth learn how to solve issues.

By now you realise that there’s nothing am saying. 🙁 Am just writing things that don’t make sense. What do you do when you’ve promised to post every Wednesday and then a week passes and your mind is not creating anything writable? You begin talking about anything and everything. You almost tell your readers what you had for lunch the previous day. You write and when you check the word count you realise you are not getting anywhere. So you continue talking about stuff like the weather…etc.

Is there something like a juice you take to activate your mind to write? Let’s say something like mango juice. So that your mind can begin generating and creating words. Biko Zulu style. Words that have been creatively woven and make sense to people. I want that kind of juice.

Yesterday I realised we were not getting anywhere with this week’s article. So I told Nyambura to write something. A guest post. About anything. I kept waiting. At around midnight I checked my messages and found she had written saying she had not made any progress. I have not even replied to her text. This Njaanuary is really dry. Even writers can’t do what they do best!

So I almost announced there was no news like the media company I mentioned. Then I remembered lecturers are on strike, mangoes are in season and the sun is hot.

Kwanza the sun! It has gotten really hot. Am seriously considering learning swimming. Well, I’ve been considering it from the time I joined campus. It just might end up being wishful thinking.

Talking of mangoes, who knows of a farm that has many mangoes, and they don’t mind me harvesting at least one irefe? Because Njaanuary doesn’t allow me to buy them in bulk, yet I need to maximise on the season because the next time I’ll see this much mangoes will be next year.

This lecturers strike needs someone to have a constant supply of mangoes in the house. That will help reduce the budget for food significantly.

So readers, we almost didn’t have a post for today. But even no news is good news. I hope you find some sense in my nonsensical post. I hope you are loyal enough to stick with me even in trying times such as these. Thank you!