People have told me a number of times that sometimes they fear I could just write one of our conversations on a blog post. So if you think this is a conversation I had with someone, well, you could be right.

Others read every post looking to see whether what’s written could be a situation in my life, especially my close friends. Again if you think what you are gonna read is my story, just blush off that thought. Sawa? Tusipeane pressure! ? (let’s not put pressure on each other)

So yeah, sometimes we have two friends of opposite gender who look like they are quite close, and like their friendship could be headed somewhere. Because we wish them well, (so we say) we begin insinuating things. We wonder what’s going around and ask questions like what they are waiting for. Can’t they just start this thing off? (a relationship).

Before you pressure a friend into a relationship I want you to ask yourself these three questions.

1. Am I genuinely concerned about this person?

Sometimes (many times for that matter) we are only being noosy. We want to know for knowledge’s sake, not because we are genuinely concerned about the parties. We are probably acquaintances to them.

It pisses off keeping on asking questions especially if you do not walk in accountability with the person. Mind your own business. Sawa?

But people who suddenly fix catch up meetings just because they think one of your friends of the opposite gender is a bit close are the most annoying. I’d want you to be interested in my life first but not fake interest when you see me close to someone.

2. Is it healthy for the two people involved?

Asking the two people what’s between them in the presence of each other sometimes isn’t healthy. It will give them pressure. It can make the chic plan a wedding (in her mind) that’s not there in the first place. They start having illusions of them being in a relationship and that may affect how they view each other. You don’t want to underestimate the repercussions of a friendship broken as a result of such a mishandling!

If you have to ask please ask them seperately first. Sometimes a friendship that has been in existence might be strained or severed out of a mishandling. Be wise in the way you ask questions.

3. Does it glorify God?

Many times the potential relationship as we see it is not even viable. I have seen people put pressure on others into relationships that are not right.

I challenge us to first give thought into it, and see whether what you are suggesting is something that would bring honour to God.


The best thing you could ever do to the parties involved is to walk in accountability with them. Ask hard questions. Give sober advice. Actually pray for them.

It’s true that sometimes there are emotions involved yet the two continue hanging around each other without saying anything. Be that friend who helps them out.

Also, there’s also a possibility that they are genuinely friends, there is nothing going on. It helps to first view them as friends and not lovers. If you see them walking around together remember they are first friends. Give some benefit of doubt.

So guys, handle these situations carefully and wisely. Hakuna kuchochana.Are we together class? ?

What are some of the other things you would want people to consider? Write them in the comment box.

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