It’s July. The seventh month of the year, meaning we are half way down the year. It’s not too early to take stock of the year, right? Plus I needed to explain my silence. Before we go any further, it is worth noting that July is my birthday month. Anyone feeling philanthropic… Here’s an opportunity to extend your philanthropy. 🙂

First things first, I’ve been away for months. I didn’t plan to. At the beginning of the year I resolved to be writing every Wednesday. I actually journaled it as a resolution. But IT has proved a challenge. See, I’m not Biko. For him everything is a story. Then there is me. I think too much about stuff I want to write about until I end up not writing. I have this super power in me that transforms everything into these heavy thoughts in my mind. By the time I’m done thinking I no longer think it’s relevant to write about the same.

So around mid April all the way to May I got overwhelmed and frustrated with school work and decided to take a break. I was already having too much to handle and writing seemed a burden. When I wanted to resume in June the site went down and I couldn’t post anything. I had to migrate from my former hosting company. This weekend this site’s techie guy successfully moved the site and voila! I’m back.

This year has been interesting. I’ve had a fair share of high and low moments. I’ve had to make huge decisions and I’ve sunk to the lowest ebbs of frustration and disappointment I have ever known. Yet God’s faithfulness remained constant. God has also given me very understanding parents and friends who’ve been supportive. I was particularly humbled by my parents support when I chose an unpopular decision and took on a less trodden path. Long story indeed! To cut it short, August I begin my one year journey in full time ministry as a STEM (Short Term Experience in Ministry) staff with FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions) Kenya.

I’ve battled fear. I realized I feared for my reputation a lot. I didn’t want to go against people’s expectations on me. That would inconvenience and make me conform to people’s ideas about me a lot of times. Then  I saw this profound quote on a friend’s timeline- freedom in Christ helps us say no without guilt and say yes with conviction. It triggered a million thoughts in my mind. It’s the thing I’m working hard on. I’ve learnt to say ‘NO’ where necessary and ‘YES’ where deemed fit. I’m still learning to confront issues head on, rather than go around issues.

For the first time in my life I’ve managed to keep tabs with my reading targets. I have downed twelve books so far. My target was two books a month. Thinking of throwing a party to celebrate this but then, I shouldn’t celebrate yet. There are six more months to go!

So yeah, that’s my six months in a nut-shell. This post was partly to announce my come-back and partly to reflect on how the year has come along. I just did both. See you again on Wednesday. Cheers to more interactions on this platform!