This is Tuesday evening. I sit scrolling through Twitter just to catch up with the latest. My Twitter experiences have been disturbing in the recent past. There is lots of information and you can’t tell who is telling the truth and who is peddling a lie. The hatred is too much and you almost don’t want to make a political opinion lest hell breaks loose on you.

I have found myself with so much to think and say that I have chosen to keep quiet. I’m not oblivious of what is happening around. It cuts me to the core of my heart. But then I doubt even the little information I have because today it looks legit but tomorrow the narrative changes and you are faced with the reality that it’s all a lie.

It’s a hard time in Kenya. The uncertainty clouding us is annoying and draining at the very least. The hatred and suspicion in our midst is sickening. The politicians whom our hearts unconsciously hoped in cannot and will not save the day. Their empty rhetoric has become a loud, annoying and deafening noise in my ears. The media will no longer release reliable and unbiased information.

This situation comes along with a paranoia and trauma. I was once in town and a politician passed by the National Archives and stopped to address people. I couldn’t stand to listen. I don’t underestimate the possibility of a stampede out of such a gathering. I never want to end my life out of politics! Another time I used university way and the road was full of GSU officers on their horses. The fear that gripped me is indescribable.

The dissatisfaction amongst us is toxic though rightfully so. There are very many complaints (which are legit) but leave you sick. I don’t even think that it’s possible to come across any satisfied Kenyan. How does so much noise and complaining fall on deaf ears? Do the authorities ever consider what their citizens say especially on social media, now that it seems like the only avenue for expression? Do they care enough?

How do we interact as brethren from different political camps when there’s so much ethnic profiling, so much so that you’d never ignore it? How are we supposed to reach out to the hurting hearts? How are we even supposed to handle the fact that our names betray us, and therefore you are automatically profiled as belonging to a certain political camp that has your tribes’ men? How do you even proclaim the gospel in such a trying time?

I have refrained from posting about politics on my social media for a number of reasons. But this doesn’t make me oblivious of all the mess we are in. It doesn’t make me ignorant of the fact that our hearts are frail and therefore prone to bitterness and hurt. But then this post is a reminder of a greater hope found in Jesus. The hope that does not disappoint. At the end of the day, the world ail because of sin and there is only one cure- the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus. This is therefore not another political opinion concerning the situation in Kenya. As you already see, I have not begun with the cliché “The law states…”

It is clear and apparent that we can never trust the politicians or the systems of this world. They are very corrupted! My basic reminder for us is to trust in the Lord Jesus. He is the author and perfecter of our faith. His character is consistent and changes not and this makes Him trustworthy and dependable. Everything else no matter how appealing or promising is feeble. Our Lord Jesus, who did not spare His own life, but in His kindness and mercy has saved us by dying on a cross for our sins, is the only hope we could ever cleave to. (Titus 2:13-14) The implication would be to keep our eyes focused on Him and our hearts set on Him alone. Oh, what a blessed hope to every believer!

When the Lord returns, He will establish His Kingdom that cannot be shaken, where justice and mercy reigns. He will put an end to all the disappointment and heartache. When He judges the world, He will avenge for His sons because He is just! All the trouble of this world shall come to an end. This heightens our hope in Him and makes us look forward to His second coming and to the new Jerusalem. (Revelation 21) It centers our hopes, affections and longings on Jesus Himself. Believer, you who are washed in His blood, we are assured of an eternity with Him because He who promised is faithful and shall bring to completion the good work He began in us. (Hebrews 10:23, Philippians 1:6) The momentary trouble and weariness is just that- MOMENTARY, and is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. (2 Cor 4:17) Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!

The world will continue to rot. Rightfully so! We may not even get solutions to our political quagmire. If we keep looking to human power, authority or our own efforts we’ll get more disappointed. Greg Gilbert in his book ‘What is the Gospel?’ says, “Even as we slog through the trials, persecutions, irritations, temptations, distractions, apathy, and just weariness of this world, the gospel points us to heaven where our King Jesus- the lamb of God who was crucified in our place and raised gloriously from the dead- now sits interceding for us. Not only so, but it calls us forward to that final day when heaven will be filled with the roaring of millions upon millions of forgiven voices hailing Him as crucified Savior and risen King.”

Where else can we go? Our Lord alone has words of eternal life! (John 6:67) Let us therefore belabor to proclaim the whole counsel of God that offers forgiveness of sins and an eternal hope through faith in Jesus. The gospel that bids us to die to self, that we may love the Lord our God with our very lives and also show love for our neighbors, care for them and sympathize with those suffering.

One more last challenge, where is your faith anchored? Christ is the only solid ground, all other is sinking sand. Oh, that every sinner would hear these words of life and repent their sins, putting their trust in Jesus Christ who alone forgives sins! To the praise of His glorious name!