If everyone of us was honest, we’d all admit that none of us knows how to live life. There are too many choices to make and life’s a package that’s not pleasant at times. We are never too sure that we are doing it right.

If you are like me, you’ll wonder whether you are overdoing your love for memes. Given a chance, I’d spend the whole day dishing out memes, laughing out loud at the creativity and creating scenarios in my mind on how I’d use the joke in the meme in a real-life situation.

Seriously though, life isn’t as easy as kicking the blankets in the morning and being up and ready to face a new day. Sometimes we want to curl inside the blankets and be tacked in there tight, the whole day. Literally. Some days you are just never ready for a new day. You are probably not willing to continue battling with yesterday’s challenges or you just aren’t confident that you are doing it right.

A number of times I’ve wished that I’d hold some people against the light to recognize whether they are fake or real (that’s a line from a meme by the way!) Who wants to interact with fake and untrue people and end up disappointed and hurt? If many of us had porcupine-like protective gear we’d manage to keep all the unwanted kind of people away from our lives coz who needs negative energy in an already challenging world?

Did I mention the choice of what to eat and dress up? That I can wear three outfits in one morning and still end up not impressed by my final choice isn’t interesting. Is this the reason why people end up hiring stylists? I think they make life a lot easier!

If you are single, you know how hard it can get. The mixture of carefulness in opposite sex interactions and the feeling of impatience is never funny. Let’s not even mention the type of thoughts that go through our minds- maybe I was unkind to someone and God is punishing me for it (I could have refused to lend a boy in my class a rubber), maybe the guy I snubbed was meant to be the one or maybe I’m called to a life of singleness and I am here sulking at it. I could go public and announce, “Hey everyone, I think I’m meant to remain single.” Then the next minute a guy shows interest and I return saying, “False alarm. He just said hi.” (That’s from a funny Facebook friend.)

Then if you have a skill that you want to develop like writing in my case, you keep wondering how to go about it. Why aren’t people reading my seriously written posts? (People only enjoy posts that have something to do with love or just some stupid post I idly wrote) Why isn’t there anything to write about in close to a month? What do people think about my posts? Why is it that some friends only enjoy reading but never write anything on the comment box? (How about y’all surprise me today by commenting on the blog? Regardless of the absurdity of the comment. Okay, it’s not a surprise anymore.) I almost used IRREGARDLESS coz well, our president uses it in his speeches!

My sisters are sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. Before I sent them cards I kept on wondering whether they had probably expected mine to be the first and maybe I failed them. (Which I highly suspect I did) Then they’ll spend the rest of their lives thinking how unconcerned their elder sister is. Or may be because I didn’t honor their request to go see them before their exams (for valid reasons) they’ll think I’m very mean. I get scared at the thought of having these loved ones’ team up against me and develop wrong thoughts and attitudes about me. Maybe they’ll start hiding stuff from me. Like one will get a boyfriend and I’ll never get to know. I wouldn’t live in peace with myself again!

I have another great problem while I live this life. One problem can possibly mutate to naite nine of them. I can possibly lie in bed feeling bad about something I shouldn’t have done or said three years ago. (Another line from a meme that has me written all over) Wait until the day a friend doesn’t reply to my text. (Yeah, I expect some shoot backs coz I fail to reply texts all the time.) I’ll think about all the offensive things I could have done to them. I’m a pro in creating possible reasons for people behaving weirdly or being mean to me. Those are normally kidu twedy fae reasons. I could even compose a song titled ‘Reasons’! But those are too many…

Let’s just say that life can take a toll on you. With all the real and imagined hurdles, life can suck! Some small problems are malicious in how they steal our joy and some huge problems are shrewd in how they sit on us. At this point I feel like leaving you with some positive vibes like- ‘nothing’s gonna steal my joy’, ‘when life throws lemons at you squeeze them and make some lemonade’, ‘the devil is a liar’, ‘40 days of glory’ ‘walk tall and square up your shoulders…’ ‘delay is not denial’.  I have an idea. How about we continue with ‘em positive vibes in the comments? Make them sarcastic enough for some of us to take a break from our meme-ology hobby.

Oh, before I forget, even when life makes you frown, remember to sing, ‘I’ve got a joy joy joy joy down in my heart…’ We will still believe you despite the gloomy face because your joy is where? Down in your heart! 😀 😀

I should now go back to thinking about my tharry four imaginary problems. See you with a more serious post next time. Sorry for being such a waste.