We live in a sexually charged society; there is no entertainment without it, no conversation not alluding to it, no graphical presentation that somehow doesn’t present it. Well it doesn’t end there, we quickly adopt what we love, and we become what we believe. Hardly a week passes  without something of this nature breaking the news. We have heard it all, married lady turns promiscuous to teach promiscuous husband a lesson, high flying elected woman’s representative urges her kinsmen to be polygamous, assistant governor exposed in video, rape cases, infidelity… name it, and more recently, a local lesbian romantic movie premiered. There is a problem.

So what is the rightful response for Christians who are striving to put on some covenant eyes and ears… plucking eyes, and chopping hands that cause them to sin? (Matthew 5:29) There is a problem and the fact that we don’t sense this problem proves how bad the problem is, but first it is to rightfully understand the problem.

Sexuality is misunderstood and the act itself, misplaced, the culture around us elevates this gift from God, to a ‘god.’ But this is not the original intent of God, like all other gifts, God gives them for the rightful use, in the rightful context and for the rightful purpose. Acting otherwise makes it sin. Sexual sin like all other sin demands the judgement of God and Him giving us up to it, is a sign and onset of this judgement. Sexual sin is more of an ‘after-sin’, in that it comes as a result of another sin- idolatry- fueled by unbelief. We get to see it more vividly presented in Romans 1:18-32.

Paul makes a logical argument how God’s wrath is revealed to the ungodly and unrighteous who suppress the truth (v18). And this condemning truth is made known by general revelation, which is just about sufficient to condemn but not to save (v19), and so nobody can say there is no God, or they don’t know God in a certain degree as creation proves this (v20,21). Sadly the more we sink deep in this ‘creaturely wisdom’ (foolishness rather) the more we think we are advancing, but quite the contrary. (v22) And we hit the rock bottom of idolatry where we trade the eternal God to the misty creatures and we worship that which is other than God! (v25)

The result? God gives us up to our lusts and passions. Homosexuality among other vices then flows from this and judging by the backlash received to those who have spoken against the lesbian movie, it’s a matter of years before the LGTBQ agenda is shoved further down our throats, the situation in the west. The premiering of the movie has attracted a harsh response to anyone speaking against it, they may not be active participants, but they are part of the problem as well, as Paul ends it in v32, that those who approve are as much condemned.

Thrice in this text does the Apostle say, ‘God gave them up’, I cringe every time there is a national day of ‘prayer’ or there is a ‘man of God’ making a statement how Jesus is for Kenya and that Kenya is God’s chosen country yet our sexual patterns and our sins get more and more heinous, a sure sign God is giving us up to our sins, not as a nation but individuals.

But as we said the problem is much deep rooted, a problem with satisfaction, failing to draw satisfaction from the eternal God, who made us for Himself. We seek anything and everything apart from Him to satisfy us. Simply put, to understand why we so easily and rampantly see and participate in breaking the seventh commandment ( You shall not commit adultery) is because we have disregarded the first two. (I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me and you shall not make for yourself an idol). Since we have had other gods before Him and made idols to satisfy us, anything and everything we get is sought to fill the insatiable vacuum created when we turned away from God.

So Christ would warn that even looking at a woman lustfully is adultery (Matthew 5) stressing the point that the heart is where the problem is, as we already have committed adultery in our hearts before we consummate it physically. Many read Exodus 20 and tick through the Ten Commandments ticking out the seventh and feel justified by the keeping of the law in that, they haven’t committed adultery. They will stand before God and chest thump and head straight to condemnation as the heart remain unchanged.

So is it all hopeless then? At the present situation, yes! if we remain in this course. But first I’m reminded of a story recorded in the Gospel of John 8, a certain woman was caught in adultery and crowds were crazy baying for her blood, as the Law dictated that such a person, who participated in this sin was to be stoned (Leviticus 20:10).

But now the very people who wanted to stone her were also in sin. But for her, her sin and the condemnation thereof sent her to her Savior, while for the others, they fled away when their sinfulness was exposed and confronted by the one who was willing and able to save them. On the other hand this gracious Lord and Savior bid the woman to sin no more having forgiven her, not condemning her as she was now in Him (Romans 8:1).

Yes we are in a sexually charged culture, and it needs more than saying that to save the situation, we need to remind us who God is and Jesus Christ whom He sent to redeem us, to reveal God to us and make godliness possible. We need to make our stand against sin and call what it is and invite them (all) caught in sin to the saving knowledge of Jesus, in faith… true belief to this all satisfying God and in repentance and hear Him say ‘neither do I condemn you go sin no more, Be satisfied in me.’