There is no better time in life to meditate upon the promise that Christ is our portion and inheritance. He is our all and those who have Him are rich, not by a worldly standard.

COVID-19 has stripped us of most of our comforts. We now walk in fear because we don’t know how close we come to contracting it in our daily interactions, or if the surfaces we touch have the virus. COVID-19 comes with the uncertainty of lacking our daily basic needs. Employees are receiving pay-cuts. Some employers are taking advantage of the times to down-size their companies. It is difficult for casual workers and entrepreneurs to get jobs. We are all worried about the capacity and preparedness of our health system in handling the pandemic. We are only a third world country! A few people may have been able to grab a few supplies for their survival in case of a lock-down, but even these are not a security because no one knows how long this cloud will cover before lifting.

Under these circumstances that diminish our hope and multiply our anxiety, we can no longer hold on the temporal. We have to look beyond our present afflictions to the one who is in control of all things. Our Sovereign Lord has not slumbered. He is still watching over the universe and ordaining all things for His glory and the good of those who love Him, and He has called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

In the old times, God promised Abraham that He would make him a great nation and that his descendants would be many like the dust of the earth. He also promised to give his descendants land to settle in. Through his descendants, all the nations of the earth were to be blessed. (Genesis 12 & 13) This promise was fulfilled when God gave the Israelites land to settle in, after leaving Pharaoh’s enslavement in Egypt, through a spectacular contest. (Read the book Exodus and Joshua) Israel victoriously drove out the inhabitants of Canaan and settled on the promised land. The greatest fulfillment of the promise, however, was in God giving His Son Jesus Christ to be the Saviour of mankind. Through Him, all the nations of the earth are blessed.

We who believe in God, and have trusted the finished work of Christ, are also the children of Abraham by faith. (Galatians 3:7, 3:29) God’s riches and kindness have been extended to us Gentiles, and we have been grafted into the promise of God to Abraham. We do not receive an allotment of land like the biological descendants of Abraham, but by believing in Christ, we are adopted to be sons of God and co-heirs with Christ. This is our hope during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The world has nothing good to offer. All our hopes and dreams in this world can tumble down in a day. COVID-19 has already done that to a great extent. We don’t have an inheritance here because we are not of this world. 

Though we fear that our bodies may get infected, that a lock-down is imminent and we may lack the freedom to go out and get daily supplies, that money for purchasing the supplies may run out, that our employers may lay us off, and that our family and friends may suffer lack or bodily affliction leading to death, we can take to the bank the fact that Christ is our portion and inheritance. The psalmist echoes these truths when he says; I have no good apart from you, the Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. (Psalm 16)

More than holding on to this hope, through this unique season, we can fulfill the promise that through the descendants of Abraham, the nations of the earth would be blessed. Our Christian witness is loudest and more visible during suffering. If we suffer as those who have a sure hope, the world will ask the reason for our hope and be drawn to the God in whom we trust . The world is desperately in need of a secure hope, a solid ground to stand on amidst the helplessness. We can point them to Christ our sure and steady anchor. 

This is, therefore, not a time to complain and panic. It is a time to remind ourselves of the promises that are ours in Christ Jesus. Christ obeyed the will of God even unto death, and because of Him, we are the children of Abraham through faith and therefore share in the promise of an eternal inheritance in Christ. Though our bodies may get infected and we may suffer lack, we have Christ and we know that all things are from Him and through Him and to Him.

Together with the Psalmist, we can proclaim that: our hearts are glad, and our whole being rejoices; our flesh also dwells secure.He will not abandon our souls to Sheol, or let His holy ones see corruption. (Psalm 16:9-10) We do not fear that which can only kill our bodies but not the soul and has no power to cast them to hell. (Matthew 10:28) At the end of time, when this world will be no more, we shall not see decay but shall receive our eternal inheritance and be with Christ forevermore.

If this is not your hope during this season, you have every reason to tremble and worry for your soul. Where shall you turn to when the storms arise and the earth shakes? I plead with you today to turn to Christ and entrust your soul to Him.