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07 Dec 2021

Author: Eve Muthoni Huston

A letter to my younger self
Guest Posts, Letter Series, Reflections

Guest Post: A Letter To My Younger Self: How to Navigate Your 20’s. 

The one ‘problem’ that comes up when a 31-year-old writes a letter to their younger self is an acute awareness that there isn’t much history to write about. The message would most likely only span a decade worth of life. However, that said, a decade is enough time to look back at and have enough to say.

Guest Posts, Life's experiences, Mental Illness

Guest Post: Living a Godly Life with Borderline Personality Disorder 

A psychiatrist diagnosed me with a major depressive disorder in October 2014, also known as clinical depression, after two agonizing years of living with it. In May 2015, I got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Now, I can honestly say that God, in His abundant mercy and infinite wisdom, has since lifted the darkest clouds of depression from above me. However…

Insights, Marriage, Relationships

Marriage: A Delightfully Difficult Mountain to Climb 

We celebrated our first year anniversary this week. Despite the cold weather and the anniversary falling on a Monday, the blues had nothing on us: our home was filled with warmth by our palpable excitement, hearty waves of laughter, and thanksgiving as we reminisced the journey to the wedding and the delightfully difficult mountain we have climbed thus far. Join me as I jot down my musings from the past year …

Death, grief, loss
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Guest Post: Suffering Well Through the Death of a Loved One 

After what seemed like an eternity of rigorous attempts to save her, the team of doctors, in a synchronized fashion, stopped and slowly stepped away from the bed. The head surgeon approached me and muttered the words “I am so sorry…” I can’t remember what he said after that. They called her time of death. My wife of seven years and mother of my four young children had just crossed the threshold from time to eternity.

Guest Posts, Life's experiences

Guest Post: The Waves of Grief 

“He did not make it.” These are the last words that I recall from that “meeting” at home on the afternoon of 16th February 2020. Something about that Sunday and having many people over had not felt right and it had suddenly become crushingly clear why. Unbeknownst to us, up until much later in the day, was the death of my elder brother in a road accident that morning. Four days after his 28th birthday!

Life's experiences, Reflections


A couple of years ago, while on a trip to South Africa, I rewarded myself with a beautiful bag for the hard work I had put in that year. It was gorgeous!… So you can try to imagine my utter dismay when it mysteriously disappeared from my bedroom, and no one in our house claimed to have seen or taken it. I was devastated to say the least. Recently, I spotted a close relative … with the bag!