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07 Dec 2021

Author: Eve Muthoni Huston

COVID-19, Insights


We live in a world of unending calamities. Natural disasters and pandemics are relentless in attacking our idyllic lives. This year we have been paralyzed by COVID-19. Before this, we experienced a locust invasion. As a result of the former, many have died and many will die. People are not even allowed the courtesy of burying their loved ones. Workers have been laid off. Farmers are experiencing great losses. A majority of our leaders are silent … We are not prepared for such eventualities.

Needless Singleness
Guest Posts, Reflections

Guest Post: Needless Singleness 

Needless singleness is like a cancerous tumor that needs surgical removal. In one of John MacArthur’s sermons, he famously remarked that if it were up to him, he’d have all the single men and women in his church, line up opposite sides to each other and ask every man to point out a woman he fancied marrying. If the woman shared the same fancy in the young man, he would marry them and every other ‘couple’ after that. John said it more tongue in cheek than he was serious, but beneath that statement was a veneer of seriousness.