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18 Jan 2021

Author: Wairimu Thiauri

Life's experiences, Mental Illness, Reflections

Guest Post: A Biblical Response to Mental Illness 

It is estimated that one in every ten people suffer from a common mental disorder. However, the number increases to 1 in every 4 people among sick people who seek routine hospital services. According to the recommendations of the mental health task force released on 7th July 2020, the government was urged to declare mental illness a National Emergency of epidemic proportions. But are mental illnesses that serious?

Current Affairs

Guest Post: Wombs for Hire – A Christian Perspective 

For years now, the Kenyan church has been on the front-line in the fight against legalizing abortion – a noble fight for human life, whose victory is far from being achieved. It is time, however, that other human-life conversations get the energy and resources that have gone into fighting the legalization of abortions. One such conversation is about assisted reproduction.