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07 Dec 2021

Author: Wairimu Thiauri

Current Affairs

Guest Post: Wombs for Hire – A Christian Perspective 

For years now, the Kenyan church has been on the front-line in the fight against legalizing abortion – a noble fight for human life, whose victory is far from being achieved. It is time, however, that other human-life conversations get the energy and resources that have gone into fighting the legalization of abortions. One such conversation is about assisted reproduction.

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield 

Mrs. Butterfield begins by writing about her personal experience of offering hospitality to neighbors. She writes of a stubborn neighbor, who was hard to love at first, and when they (her family) thought that they had made progress… a big discovery was made: Hank (the neighbor) was operating a meth lab in the basement of his house. Hank was jailed but the Butterfields corresponded with him while in prison. He eventually became a Christian.

Doctrine & Theology

Guest Post: The Sufficiency of Scripture 

Sufficiency of scripture, the teaching that Scripture contains everything necessary for salvation and godliness with no need for fresh revelation from God, is the one that most Christians struggle with. As Kevin DeYoung puts it, “if authority is the liberal problem, clarity the postmodern problem, and necessity the problem for atheists and agnostics, then sufficiency is the attribute most quickly doubted by rank-and-file churchgoing Christians.” We all have, I believe, felt that the scripture does not quite handle the nitty-gritty of our daily lives. We are fascinated by those elusive testimonies about some people who died and spent 23 minutes in hell or heaven, and video clips of many claiming to have some special message from God have become quite common.