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28 Jan 2023

Category: Reflections

A letter to my younger self
Guest Posts, Letter Series, Reflections

Guest Post: A Letter To My Younger Self: How to Navigate Your 20’s. 

The one ‘problem’ that comes up when a 31-year-old writes a letter to their younger self is an acute awareness that there isn’t much history to write about. The message would most likely only span a decade worth of life. However, that said, a decade is enough time to look back at and have enough to say.

Life's experiences, Mental Illness, Reflections

Guest Post: A Biblical Response to Mental Illness 

It is estimated that one in every ten people suffer from a common mental disorder. However, the number increases to 1 in every 4 people among sick people who seek routine hospital services. According to the recommendations of the mental health task force released on 7th July 2020, the government was urged to declare mental illness a National Emergency of epidemic proportions. But are mental illnesses that serious?

Life's experiences, Reflections


A couple of years ago, while on a trip to South Africa, I rewarded myself with a beautiful bag for the hard work I had put in that year. It was gorgeous!… So you can try to imagine my utter dismay when it mysteriously disappeared from my bedroom, and no one in our house claimed to have seen or taken it. I was devastated to say the least. Recently, I spotted a close relative … with the bag!