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28 Jan 2023

Category: Relationships

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash
Guest Posts, Life's experiences, Marriage, Relationships

Life Update: The Hand that Wounds is the Same Hand that Restores 

In October of 2020, eight months after Mo’ died, I officially began a relationship with Mumbi. I knew her from my time as a pastor at Mamlaka Hill Chapel. She’s never been married before.

We are both as surprised as you might be at this turn of events because neither of us expected it. I wasn’t looking to date at that time, and there wasn’t any pressure in my personal and family life that was bearing upon me to move in that direction.

Insights, Marriage, Relationships

Marriage: A Delightfully Difficult Mountain to Climb 

We celebrated our first year anniversary this week. Despite the cold weather and the anniversary falling on a Monday, the blues had nothing on us: our home was filled with warmth by our palpable excitement, hearty waves of laughter, and thanksgiving as we reminisced the journey to the wedding and the delightfully difficult mountain we have climbed thus far. Join me as I jot down my musings from the past year …