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28 Jan 2023

Tag: Suffering

God's goodness in your suffering
Doctrine & Theology, Guest Posts, Sermon series

Blog 1: God’s Goodness in Your Sufferings (2 Cor. 12:7-10) 

By nature, every single one of us is averse to suffering. We avoid it like the plague. We do so because we think suffering is primarily about losing something…
But in reality, for the Christian, suffering is primarily about gaining something: Jesus Christ. And it’s only by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that our hearts are changed to see that suffering is primarily about gaining Jesus, not losing something.

Death, grief, loss
Guest Posts, Life's experiences

Guest Post: Suffering Well Through the Death of a Loved One 

After what seemed like an eternity of rigorous attempts to save her, the team of doctors, in a synchronized fashion, stopped and slowly stepped away from the bed. The head surgeon approached me and muttered the words “I am so sorry…” I can’t remember what he said after that. They called her time of death. My wife of seven years and mother of my four young children had just crossed the threshold from time to eternity.

COVID-19, Insights


We live in a world of unending calamities. Natural disasters and pandemics are relentless in attacking our idyllic lives. This year we have been paralyzed by COVID-19. Before this, we experienced a locust invasion. As a result of the former, many have died and many will die. People are not even allowed the courtesy of burying their loved ones. Workers have been laid off. Farmers are experiencing great losses. A majority of our leaders are silent … We are not prepared for such eventualities.